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  1. Also you mentioned tagging whats the point of tagging if u have notebooks. Also, I learned u get 10 referral points for referring a friend how many times can u get referal points or how many times can you use referal points or a premium plan. Also I am aware of basic premium and business but I have seen plus membership around what is that?
  2. So that tool that I linked can be used with no worries and I should make backups of enex every now and then? Also I shouldnt touch enex files I should just trust that the backup worked? And I should back them up seperately not as one?
  3. I am interested in this as well I have followed this. I commented in hopes it will make others see your post.
  4. I am using the latest version of Windows 10 to my knowledge. I am backing up my data so that I can make a duplicate copy for OneNote https://www.onenote.com/import-evernote-to-onenote. My school computers have OneNote so I will use OneNote there. I do not want to risk my EverNote files at all, and by the way, please do tell me if I would be better off just logging into evernote on school web browser instead of doing this procedure. It would save me some time too! So I am backing up my Evernote files and I saved it to the same drive the app is saved to. I saved it to my file explorer and I wanted to open it to check. I tried to open it in the default place, as well as other areas e.g. 2019 Microsoft Word. However, this didn't work as there was some error which I took to the unofficial discord support server for Windows 10. Here, I was told that my apps that I used to open the file where not updated or meant to open such files (.enex). So sure enough I tried other apps and when I got to the default Windows 10 notes app it sort of worked. What I saw wasn't a normal layout but still it was strange. There were no spaces and it was constructed as if it were to be seen in the code file. I am not going to share a picture because atm I do not have access to it as it is not on this account from which this query is being written. To sum it up, the backup file of what I think is all of my evernote files (I hit Cntrl A on the all my notes page) doesn't look normal. And I am wondering if worst comes to worst there will be a way for me to use these backup notes and import them into Evernote and have everything normal. - Oh also now that I think of it how do I check how much space each of my Evernote files take up and how much all of them take up together.
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