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  1. Thanks for the revert. I guess that is attributable to the fact that I called it out explicitly on this forum. Even if it is difficult to respond to the message, at least an acknowledgement could be made. And I never wanted to change/unsubscribe, my ask was related to editing PDFs. Only after realising that my incessant messaging has lead to no results, did I decide to move away altogether from Evernote. Without a shade of doubt, it is one of the worst decision to purchase the premium plan of Evernote
  2. Hi fellow evernote users, It is to bring to your notice how pathetic the customer experience has been for me as a premium subscriber. Based out of an Asian country, the chat support is rendered dysfunctional due to the time zone issues. And no mail ID is ever provided for starting a support ticket. Best part is the session keeps getting logged out once support section is clicked. And to add insult to injury, when I reach out to Shane and other such support staff in 1:1, they NEVER respond. Such a horrible experience for a customer who has paid for an annual membership is just NOT done. If I can get the details of Stepan Pachikov, would be glad to get in touch directly with him. My only request is to cancel the auto-renewal of my card as this investment in evernote was the biggest mistake of my career
  3. The same phone only. Email option is disabled as submit button is not active. Can the evernote support team share the email to which I can write to
  4. Hi Team Today I had upgraded to premium to do away with the device limit restriction on free account To my utter dismay, I am getting following error while trying to login using Android app. And the worse part is, nether the email option nor the chat support is functional. Email is not allowing to submit the request only, hence had to resort to forums
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