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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I followed your advice and asked for help on both @evernote and @evernotehelps, and in addition I sent a DM on both channels. I'm yet to hear from anyone or get a replyk though. Do you have any other suggestions for me? Kind regards, Schalk
  2. Hi. My email changed and I do not have access to the address on file for my account. When I try to log on (web, android, Mac, does not matter where), I'm informed that I have to reset my password and that a link has been sent "to the email address on file" - which is obviously useless to me. I have tried logging a ticket and asking for help in every single way I can, but all that happens is that an email gets sent to the new email address with which I log the request, and this message indicates that "we take your privacy seriously", and hence my email address needs to be verified. But, to quote verbatim, "please reply to this message to verify that you have access to the email address on file". No matter how I respond to this email, it goes into a black hole. So, I'm not getting any way whatsoever to talk to a human being to help me. Is there anyone on this forum who can help me get a response of any kind out of Evernote? I have the old email address, I have the password, I have a full backup of my notes locally stored, but I can't open them because I'm stuck in this eternal loop of doom. Any help MUCH appreciated. Kind regards, Schalk
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