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  1. @DTLow Yes, I've already checked the website to see if it's any different from my Evernote app. The problem is that my notes are on neither My question actually was if there is any way I can restore the notebook to a previous date on the Evernote app or website version. I do not want the current synched version of my notebook. I want whatever notes I had before, which Evernote deleted on its own somehow. Thanks..
  2. Hello, I just noticed that a bunch of my notes are gone. Some are recent and some are older notes, all from different dates. So I'm really not sure why this is happening. I've already checked the trash and tried logging into Evernote online to see if they were there to no avail. I've ever manually downloaded a backup of my notebook (unless Evernote does it for me regularly?). Is there a way to recover these notes or restore the notebook to a previous date? Thank you so much.
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