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  1. This bug is still present in 2.0.5. Otherwise, Evernote is near-perfect.
  2. Engberg, is the bug report online somewhere? Your note is from 2008, but I'm still seeing this behavior in the very latest Evernote 2.0.5. I can submit a video of this behavior if it'd be helpful.
  3. Seconded. I type a lot of code into notes, and want it to show up in Courier New. I'd love to be able to specify which fonts show up in the small drop down, rather than having to hunt Courier New down from the hundreds of system fonts every time (even if I just used it a second ago).
  4. iPhoto Keyword Manager does a good job, with a simple interface: http://www.bullstorm.se/ You can manage a complex hierarchy of nested tags pretty easily.
  5. This behavior still happens for me with EN 2.0, OS X 10.6. Otherwise, Evernote is awesome. Thanks!
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