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  1. This is still an issue for me with the Windows version ( Even when the note view is disabled, the update time is modified when clicking through a list of notes.
  2. Funny, I believed this bug was fixed a few versions ago already. Hadn't experienced it anymore for a little while.
  3. For a little while I see this - to me - unexpected behavior in the Evernote client for Windows (Desktop). I see that the "Updated" timestamp is updated whenever I simply open a note, or scroll through it. In any case, no edits are made by me. Is this intentional and are others seeing this behavior as well? It's a small annoyance to me since I tend to sort notes by their update time.
  4. Or store your data in a TrueCrypt volume, this article explains how. This is what I did on an employer's machine, or in case I don't have the permissions, I stick to the web client.
  5. I'm not sure whether it has already been reported / fixed, but searching in this forum didn't give me any results. When editing a note in Evernote for Android 3.5.3, it underlines the current line. However, when you save that note at that point, that markup is saved in the note.
  6. If you do it well (see this article), it's only a matter of providing a password when launching Evernote.
  7. As a work around I use an online LaTeX editor to create snippets, which you can copy paste directly into Evernote. It works for me in the web interface and in the Windows client. Make sure to output PNG images with a transparent (or white) background, otherwise the image's background may appear to be black once pasted. But for me it works to get scientific notes in Evernote without too much hassle.
  8. Please calm down, this is not the end of the world, is it?
  9. As far as I remember when I upgraded to Premium last year was that the note history was recorded of all notes I created as a non-Premium user. So you should be able to recover your note.
  10. I second this request. I have no desire to download everything I clip, but I would like to download notes across various notebooks which I tagged as "To Read".
  11. I noticed the new ellipsis buttons in Evernote 3.0.2 when editing a note. However, adding text to a note (with formatting) doesn't seem to work. I press the ... bar, enter my text and save it. The text does not appear on the screen and is not saved. It could be this was broken before the update, I don't know exactly since I usually don't append text to a note.
  12. Yes, it's a limitation by the Android platform. You can not run widgets from SD. Normally an application with widgets would forbid the user to move it to SD, but this is not the case for Evernote. Since the application is quite large and not everyone uses the widget, people have the option to move it to SD.
  13. Did you install Evernote on your SD card? I'd suggest moving Evernote back to your phone.
  14. I haven't seen this since I updated to Evernote 2.6.x, while it happened quite frequently with older versioned. I assume you are up to date?
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