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  1. The problem is the people at Evernote just don't seem to care what users want and no amount of complaining about these bad decisions (and I agree the new PDF viewer is utterly dreadful) is going to change their minds. I mean maybe it will work, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that.
  2. Using the simplify or remove formatting functions does not work. It will sometimes remove some of the formatting, but not all of the formatting, especially if that formatting is on the top of the page. If there is an undesirable formatting set on the first line (large font, bold, etc) you can change that text to something else, but but the formatting is persistent and hidden until you paste something else. That text will past with the hidden format. The remove formatting command used to get rid of these sorts of things but hasn't now for the last few versions. The only work around is to copy all the text from the note, create a new note and explicitly paste it as text only.
  3. How long do we need to wait to find out if they even plan on bringing the much loved (by some) "All Tags" view? I posted over a week ago and the first post on the subject were a week before that. The only feedback I've seen is "keep those options coming". What does it hurt to bring back the all tags view? Does it make a major performance difference? I don't see the down side to bringing it back. What am I missing here?
  4. Please bring back the all tags view. As mentioned repeatedly in this thread, this was a very useful feature to those of us with large and/or complicated tag inventories.
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