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  1. I am just adding my voice requesting this feature. Its absence is completely at odds with the way Evernote is pitching the product -- a single tool to manage widely disparate information. Widely disparate information needs context-specific sorting. Having one sort order persist across all notebooks is like changing a sort order in one Excel spreadsheet and having that trigger a change in the sort order of all other spreadsheets you have. You would think that was crazy. @jbenson2: your concern doesn't bother me at all. If I am searching across multiple notebooks I have no expectation about what sort order I am going to get.
  2. Yes. As I posted earlier in this thread: on iOS, for each contact card, you tap the three dots (the "more" button), and select the appropriate option. Does anyone know how I can do this in Windows? I have about 2,000 scanned business cards, saved as PDFs, and I'd like to find some way to get them into a structured database. I'm not seeing anything like this in my version of Evernote Premium. To be as clear as I can, I scanned all these cards as PDFs, and imported them into Evernote using the import folder procedure. Many thanks.
  3. I searched but found only some old posts that didn't seem relevant. I am not active here so I'm sorry if I missed something. I log on to Evernote fine from my phone, from my laptop, and online. However, on my desktop the app repeatedly gives me the same error message: "invalid user name or password" I tried resetting the password a couple times but the behavior is always the same. I recently activated 2-factor authentication and it is working fine. Not sure if it is connected to this issue or not. I've tried using both my user name and my email but get the same results both ways. Here's the log: 14:54:51 [6028] 0% Authenticating user "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"14:54:51 [6028] 0% Invalid password, host: www.evernote.com14:54:51 [6028] 0% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 0s14:54:51 [6028] 0% * 0s (100%) spent in EDAM RPC
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