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  1. Oh well, my mac is a custom configuration (latest 2020 with 64GB RAM and i9, etc). So, it's definitely not a matter of older vs newer hw ... It's a matter of - enabling proper debug on Evernote side (which doesn't exist?) . Collect data (since it's reproducible). And resolving the issue. Instead of saying - ok, we released one more patch - see if it helps. Makes no sense to me. (Just in case - I have been developing Enterprise software since 2005, so, I know what I'm saying because you develop 20-30% of time and the rest is DEBUGGING and helping your customers to get the best out of your software and not vice a versa).
  2. Thank you. I switched to legacy for now and it works just fine .. hopefully Evernote will do something with this otherwise it won't make much sense to stay as a paying customer.
  3. When I say a full restart I mean "full restart of Evernote" ... As I mentioned - I left my Mac on sleep 99% of the time and when it comes back from sleep I want to Evernote to function without having to restart it each time. .. Reproduction steps for evernote - 1) start evernote 2) put Mac to sleep 3) wake up Mac ==> Evernot has empty notes. 100% reproducible.
  4. Honestly, this is really, really frustrating .. I have been a paying customer for a number of years then I quit once because I read a scandal article that essentially anyone at Evernote can read my notes. Anyway, this is not about that. I decided to give Evernote a second chance. Became premium member again. But now this issue is just killing me. Each time, each single time my Mac comes back from sleep (which is what I ALWAYS use on Mac) then Evernote would display blank notes. Not just that, even if I click on "About Evernote" that page is blank/white too! All notes are empty. And yes, full restart helps. BUT I DON"T WANT TO RESTART IT EVERY TIME... because the purpose of any notes software is that it's handy when you need it! And Evernote is NOT .. What happened to this product?
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