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  1. Apologies for not responding sooner! Just to give you guys an update: since the latest updates to both PC and Android apps, my account notes are finally accessible again from both PC and phone. I greatly appreciate the help. Thank you, and happy Thanksgiving!
  2. I do have a VPN installed on my phone and PC, but it is rarely enabled on the phone. I've just tested it out on the phone and I can confirm that I still cannot open notes regardless of whether or not the VPN is on. Thanks for the help btw, and apologies if my responses have been late!
  3. Nope! I have it so that it syncs even without WiFi. I've just played around by enabling WiFi only and then back to normal, but still no luck.
  4. Hoping to get some help here. Over the past year or so, I've had issues with Evernote across two devices of the same brand (OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 6 respectively). I am typically met with an error message at the bottom of the screen which says "the note is currently unavailable" when trying to open any note. I have been able to access all my notes on my PC with no issues at all. Today, I logged into an old phone (Samsung S5) and also had no issues whatsoever, which led me to believe that this may be a compatibility issue, although after some Googling, I have yet to see this kind of problem occur with anyone else using a OnePlus device, so that may not be the case. I have cleared all data/cache, reinstalled Evernote. I also know this is not an issue related to exceeding synced devices as I only have two enabled at this time. I am at a loss and I would appreciate any help with this! Phone: OnePlus 6 OS: OxygenOS Version 10.3.5
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