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  1. Does anyone know what changes or improvements have been made with evernote integration with the samsung galaxy note 4 that has just been launched?
  2. I used the beta when it first came out but had to move back to the general release mainly because you can't multi select tags - and its still not fixed. you can't control click or shift click any of the tags. I like my tags to be nested in a hierarchical way as there is no way to do that in Evernote automatically I nest my tags and select all the tags and make sure that the all have the Parent tag.(selecting 'Any' for the search term) That functionality has been removed you can't multi-select tags. There does appear to be a clumsy manual way of doing it by using the select by tag filter but you have to type all your tags in - not great if you lots of subordinate tags.
  3. I 100% agree that Evernote should not even try to be MS Word, but it should offer basic (and working) note taking functions. All I am asking for is a numbered bullets function that works, which the current does not, and the ability to line space bullets so the notes are readable - simple!
  4. On the topic of the editor, the editor used on this forum would be better than what is in Evernote, I have just been playing around and the bullets work better at least. Why can't they buy an editor to put in the product if they can't write one? It would be great if the product has the opportunity to enable a better editor or install alternative editors like you can do in Wordpress.
  5. I agree the editor, and in particular bullet/numbered outlines are absolutely rubbish. I have been working on creating an outline departmental business plan this morning using outlining in the Evernote editor and it has been a huge source of frustration. I have got a numbered bullet in the middle of my list topics and I can't find a way to remove it without having to re-arrange dozens of subordinate bullet points - ahrrrr! I love Evernote and use it extensively for thousands of notes but I am starting to question their commitment to customers, I am happy to pay my premium membership to support the great work that has been done but they appear completely unconcerned about the basics. I also think Evernote is starting to become a rather arrogant organisation, the moment anyone offers the slightest comment on deficiencies you get the usual "if you don't like you know what you can do" line. They have got the basis of a great product but for me the outlining, editor, and their inability to make the thing work on Surface RT are starting to get me down.
  6. Hi Guys I have just installed the latest version from the store on my Surface RT but it still fails to sync and just crashes out of the program. It gets to 21% then decks out back to the start screen. Anybody got any suggestions?
  7. I have to agree, although bullets do appear better to me in recent releases they are still flaky to me. I love Evernote and depend on it for home and work but bullets do frustrate me a lot.
  8. I can't get the windows 8 version to sync on surface RT. It gets to 22% and the crashes out back to the start screen. To be honest I think its better to use the web version on RT, but it would be nice for the windows 8 version to actually work.
  9. Hi Guys I was lucky enough to win a Surface RT at a conference and I installed Evernote on it, I have also been having difficulty syncing. I also have a problem opening up notes that contain PDF documents. I have installed the RT version of PDF reader but when you click on a PDF within a note nothing happens. Using IE10 and your Evernote web version opens the PDF fine. To be honest the web version of the Evernote service appears to work great on RT (although I am just starting out with the web version). I like the surface RT (its great for free) but I am not sure on the current Evernote client, I might just stick to the web version.
  10. I have just done a little more testing and the tags list in the left hand pane are removed if you click on a saved search. The tags folder just shows <no tags> As I said in the previous post they are available in the pull down. I don't remember this being the behaviour before this beta? If you click off the saved search and click a notebook all your tags are re-populated
  11. Has anyone had any issues with tags disappearing? When I installed it all my tags had gone (but they were available via the tags pull down in the bar) the next time I looked they where back, then once I adjusted the column widths the tags disappeared again.
  12. I have just switched last week to a Samsung Galaxy Note, its my first Android phone after two years with the iphone and I am loving Evernote on that gorgous huge screen (although search appears broken on the current release). I would also love to be able to time stamp dates/times within notes via a button. I am involved in a hugely complex multi-channel customer contact strategy project and have hundreds of notes of meetings and technical specifications. It would save loads of time building up action logs stored in each note.
  13. Just check that you did not have them open when you did the install, i am sure i have made that mistake in the past. If you close them all down and re-install they will come back.
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