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  1. Thank you. I am a premium member and I understand offline notebooks but I only want to sync one tag in the offline notebook as I have 1000s of notes and only want to sync a subset of them. Maybe a feature for the future. Thanks again, Jason
  2. Hello, I have 100's of tags but I only want to sync locally a given tag(s) in order to save space on my iPad. Is this possible? Many thanks for your help, Jason
  3. Thank you. It's obvious that one can search a doc if it is in text format or PDF. That was not exactly my question. Converting any document from it's native format to text or PDF is a no-go, at least for me, I have 100s of such documents. Hopefully someday Evernote will provide the ability to search MS Office docs in their native format... or at least provide a work around which would auto convert to PDF upon adding the Word/PPT to the Evernote notebook.
  4. Hello, Is there any way to search inside of MS Word and PPT documents without first converting them to PDF? Many thanks for you help, Regards, Jason
  5. Hello. Is there any way possible to forward my posterous post to a secondary email address like autopost? For example I email a post to my posterous email address for publishing on my site and I would also like posterous to auto email the post to my evernote email address too. Sure I could create a group containing the two email addresses but that would be a pain as I post from my iPad, Iphone, Mac and also Gmail. Any ideas will be warmly welcomed Thank you! Jason
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