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  1. Can we get any official word on this? If you now don't plan to move forward, your evernote users would really appreciate just a simple straight answer so that people can look at alternative platforms. Thanks in advance.
  2. I see two-factor *as* core functionality so would like to see it.
  3. And then I thought about it a bit more after posting yesterday and thought "this is $5 a month, why are you too mean to support development?" and then upgraded to premium
  4. The killer for me is that springpad does free off-limit access to my notes in their android app. While overall I perfer the evernote interface, I'm using springpad more and more for that reason.
  5. That's right. Any file that is editable by double-clicking (in Windows, at least) is automatically downloaded to the 'Attachments' directory within the Evernote folder while editing. Once you save the edited document, it is automatically updated in Evernote. I have observed, however, that if I open a .jpg using a different application to the default ('Open With...'), this automatic update does not happen and I need to upload it manually. That's interesting - I didn't realise that was possible with Evernote and if I had known at the time, I might have tried premium but now it's a bit late.
  6. That's pretty much what I do - I use it for a cookbook (however I'm starting to migrate to springpad simply because of the free off-line android synch).
  7. Different usage scenarios as far as I can see. Evernote requires you to upload material - with dropbox I simply start a project within it and then it's all done with no user intervention. Having said that - I'm curious, how do you edit .ppt and .docx in evernote? Does it open then and then automatically update then when you've finished?
  8. Hum.. i can install 3.1 ok but any version afterwards gets "This installation has detected 3.5" and then it reboots as part of the install but nothing happens. I guess I'm stuck with 3.1. :?
  9. Doesn't work it simply aborts... however... if I lock into the other user account, and try and install 4.X it tells me that 3.5 is still installed (which does not show up in all add/remove programs). Maybe the issue is completely uninstalling 3.5?
  10. It tells me that "the installion source is not available" so it cannot uninstall.
  11. I have a W7 PC with two user accounts, every-time the other user logged into their account, they were getting an error message related to the evernote .msi - I've tried to remove the install (so I can reinstall from clean). However, now I have a broken install that I cannot remove suggestions?
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