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  1. Hi, Yes, you can share a particular notebook with anyone you wish, as long as they have access to the link you provide (see Grumpy Monkey's post above). For example, I have posted the link to my shared notebook to our school's Moodle page. Anyone who clicks on that link can access the files in that shared notebook. Likewise, you could post the link to your shared notebook on a blog page, to your Facebook or Twitter account home page, etc. Hope that helps.
  2. I don't know if I am answering the question you have posed but I personally don't organize my files that much. Since I started using Evernote on a more regular basis I basically take every file I use and integrate it into one of two school folders, a private folder and a public folder. I assign each note a title and tag most of them as well. Presentations, worksheets, websites clippings. The works. I end up throwing them into my Evernote system as I go. I find that the search feature is so powerful that I don't really have to do much more than that. Hope that helps.
  3. I mostly use Skitch as a super-user-friendly alternative to Photoshop. I am still new at it so I can't speak from too much experience but I like being able to take screenshots and photos and highlighting various aspects of those files really quickly.
  4. Welcome to the Evernote Teaching Forum. Much of the art of teaching revolves around planning and organization. As teachers we tend to develop and accumulate a tremendous amount of paperwork. For example, as a science teacher I have binders and drawers full of notes, worksheets, labs, tests, activities, and organizers. Furthermore, most teachers tend to use a host of support material such as videos, presentations, and websites to aide in their teaching practice. Last year I began using Evernote to help manage my files. In the process of doing so I also found that Evernote’s shared folder system is an easy means by which I can share those files with my students. Evernote has, in essence, become my digital file system. As a moderator of this forum I hope to be able to help other teachers learn how to utilize Evernote’s unique attributes to make the teaching profession a bit less stressful. I will do my best to answer any questions you may have about how I use Evernote in the classroom. Of course, I also hope to glean insights into how other teachers integrate Evernote into their workflow, so please feel free to share any tips or strategies that you employ. Thanks!
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