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  1. Maybe this little annoyance is new with the latest update (now on v.5.6.4), I use EN on multiple platforms and don't remember encountering this before. It just means typing more characters for each tag I add, and basically I type for a living, so no big deal, right? Anwyay, In the Windows client, when I start typing the name of an existing tag, I see autocomplete options below the field as usual. Lately, however, the list of options is in an illogical order. Once I've typed a few characters of a tag name, the top members of the list are the least relevant, as often as not. I understand the benefit of searching for tag names that contain the letters I typed, but I would like to see the best options above the scroll, sorted logically, by relevance rather than alphabetically, so the tags I see first are those that start with the letters I typed. Example: I have a frequently used tag named "Residential" and I've clicked "Click to Add Tag..." and typed "R" for starters. I glance at the autocomplete options to remember whether it's Res, Residence, or Residential. I see the first 10 options and scroll down to see all 15 options, in this order: Behavior Book promo c.Grow c.Intro c.More c.Transcend Chapter Intro Pricing Publishing formats Residential Retail Sources of ideas Stories Vendor Note the first tag starting with "R" is 11th on the list. When I type the second letter, "Re", the list is narrowed to just 3 options and "Residential" is 2nd. c.More Residential Retail Typing more letters is the obvious solution. In this example typing "Res" would isolate "Residential." And maybe EN has always been this way since autocomplete was added to tags.
  2. Tags like "work," "home," "rejected," "travel" -- why did these suddenly appear in my notebook? I had to go through and delete ~8 unwanted tags that I suspect were inserted during the most recent software update (but possibly from installing the app on a new phone). Evernote, please stop that! I've carefully structured my tags and I'll manage them myself, thank you. Win7
  3. Strongly ditto: Export all of an EverNote notebook intact with titles, dates, tags and other meta data. As long as the only backup/export option is a format readable by only the application that created it, none of my essential data will be stored in EN. v. on Win7
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