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  1. Hmm I cannot make it work like I said above. I created "Unsorted" notebook and made it my default. Then clipped a new note (a page url) and it only appears in the "My all notes" folder (or is it a notebook). It didn't go to the Unsorted (default). IS it not working this way, or something else is to set?
  2. Default notebook, yeah! I was somehow unaware of this concept and how it works. I'll do this: I'll create a notebook called "Unsorted" and make it my default. So all my clipped notes will be automatically put into this notebook. After doing some clipping etc, it will be easy to tell which notes are unassigned: all that are in Unsorted notebook - and then drag them from there (exception is the toolbar icon as it allows to clip into non-default notebook of choice, but it sometimes slows down the process and I don't always use this option). Thanks for the tips!
  3. I have recently clipped a lot of notes and now trying to organize them. They are all in "All Notes" folder. I have organized some of them into other notebooks, but here is a problem: Currently I can't figure out any way to filter the "All Notes" to see only notes that do not belong to any specific notebook. They display all so I don't know which ones are already processed (assigned to a notebook) and which are not - and the list is long. I know it's possible to specify the destination notebook while using the web clipper but I discovered it too late. Besides, the possibility to specify destination notebook is only when using web clipper from the toolbar icon, not when right clicking on a page and choosing it from context menu (in this case all goes to "All Notes" automatically and I used this way.
  4. By the way, for Windows users there is also an application that reverses screen colors, so you can see the notes on black background. Either check the option "Reverse colors" in Windows 7 Magnifying Glass, or use something like NegativeScreen. A helpful thing that Evernote could do is post a CSS script with styles for the web version of Evernote to have dark background and semi-white text, for both reading and writing. It would be possible to import such script to Greasemonkey and see notes similar to Clearly. (notes which use colorful text would have this switched off).
  5. Please add this option, it's a necessity to read in the evening. I use Clearly to read websites and it has a beautiful dark background right from the box. Add something like this to Evernote !
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