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  1. Hello dlu, Thanks for the offer, but I just recently re-installed it, and for now it is working fine. I'll stay subscribed to this post for a few months to stay in the loop. I'll let you know if the issue recurs. Thanks, Rod
  2. I have been experiencing similar issues. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. usually the program works for one or two instances and then either quits updating, or it simply fails to load altogether. I emailed customer support (I"m a paid user) and they were not able to tell me if there was a solution to the problem, just that I could post a question in the user forum and to check back for the next update to see if it be solved in the next release. Anyone know if a solution is in the works? In the meantime I have just uninstalled it and I"m using Microsoft OneNote until Evernote is running smoothly. - Rod
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