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  1. Welcome to 2018 version 7.1 of Evernote and this same bug lives on!
  2. crashing on OSX still not fixed on 7.1 Great, 7.03 has the fixed but can't run it because my Evernote was upgraded to "newer version." Just fantastic.
  3. Still crashing on my OSX High Sierra despite 7.02, what's going on?????

  4. on 7.02. Still Crashing EVERYTIME I close a tab or window. CRASH. CRASH. CRASH. So so so sick of this! Anyone else in the same situation?
  5. Same thing here. The "re-release 6.13.3GA" still sends me into login loop. Thanks for this Christmas "gift". Evernote, good job.
  6. I agree with everyone here, Evernote has just hit a new low with this bug, this is what the paying customers get every year when prices kept going up? I don't care much about the button at this point, because I can't even get into the app (login loop and startup crashes despite the re-released release of 6.13.3GA), and I wasn't even on the beta path! Coming here hoping to find a beta that works but this is hopeless.
  7. Evernote really botched this one. In my years of using Evernote, I have never been denied access to the desktop access, until now. And it's not a pretty record for Evernote. Just like you, I'm using web access now. Simply unbelievable.
  8. Yay, the same oversized screenshot issue has returned to latest Evernote version 6.8 when pasting screenshots captured on retina macbook pro or iMac 5k sceeens. Is any one else experiencing this issue? Why does this bug keep coming back?
  9. Thank you for your appreciation and taking the time to explain.
  10. As many others have said, cmd-z is really disruptive. Also the existing beta doesn't have the preference yet (but good to know you're working on the next release to give users an option to disable this feature, but why couldn't you have done this to begin with?) It would be nice if Evernote would apologize for forcing these time-wasting "auto-formatting" features. At the very least, acknowledge us by something like "We hear you (or your frustrations) and we will try our best to not xxxx up in the future by introducing something disruptive that doesn't give you a way to toggle/disable." Ah well, I guess I'm just asking too much. Or maybe not? I have been supporting Evernote since its very early days and I don't get an acknowledgement?
  11. At least Adobe issued a public apology in the end, after they forced whole bunch of new Lightroom features down users throat that created a backlash. But will Evernote be brave to do this or continue to blame the "minority" users for not knowing how to "save time" with their new superior "shortcuts"?
  12. You are more polite than me in actually drafting a request. But given the responses that I've observed so far, it seems Evernote has already made up their mind this is a superior feature that doesn't need an on/off option.
  13. Since when Evernote has become another "Adobe"? Now that you have users like me hooked on your platform, so it's time for you become presumptuous to just "know" that every users likes/wants/uses text-editing shortcuts? Does this automatically justify your forceful implementation of the new text-editing shortcuts "feature" down all users' throat without giving us an option to turn it off? This reminds me of Adobe's recent decision to remove basic functionalities from Photoshop Lightroom's import dialog, calling it "evolution" and having the audacity to say "most users want this." The backlash was so severe that Adobe had to bring back the old interface in the most recent release but it left a really bitter taste in all the users' mouth. Is this the same path that Evernote wants to head down? The responses from staff are like: "other apps have this", "we think it's a good feature so we will just force you to live with it" or "only a small percentage of people are having issues." Good job, Evernote. I have been your user/supporter since the very early days. What you have done here and your follow-up self-justification have for the first time in history made me start looking for alternatives. I refuse to support arrogant developers like this, especially given the resources at your disposal. Worse, you're not even acknowledging users with existing established workflows. Does doing this make you feel more superior? The 6.2 release notes should have added: "Type a number then a period and I get hit with your complete disregard for loyalty and workflows. Bam. I'm outta here."
  14. Is it me or the latest Evernote (6.2 Beta 1) has added an automatic indent when typing numbers followed by a dot and space keys? Every time after typing 1.,2.,3 and so on followed by a space, the line would indent automatically. The only way to remove this automatic formatting is by cmd+z to undo the indent. Has Evernote gone mad by implementing something presumptuous like this? I don't see a way to toggle this setting either. How to stop this insane "feature?"
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