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  1. I am a teacher and my students use evernote for their digital portfolios. During class, while they are writing, they send me work chat messages asking for feedback and I am able to read their notes and make suggestions in real-time which is very helpful. However, on the windows app the pop-up for an incoming work chat message appears directly over the box where I am type the messages. I have to wait for the pop-up to vanish so I can see what I'm typing. Is there a way to have these pop-ups appear somewhere else on the screen?
  2. I cannot figure out how to move a note from one notebook into another anymore. Can I still do this in the new version and can someone tell me how? My students and I used this feature quite a bit and am missing it.
  3. I use evernote with my chemistry students who all have iPads. For their labs, they have graphs, text documents and images that are created on apps that send them to evernote, but in separate notes. They need to be able to combine all the notes for one lab into a single note...so being able to merge notes with the ipad app would be VERY useful for us.
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