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  1. Hello Developers/CEO of Evernote: You do realize Google Documents, Google Keep, and One Note are 100% free and have much of the functionality of Evernote. I just watched in horror - as I installed Evernote and it's a piece of *****. It keeps popping up with blank window. When I go to "About" to find version I get white - blank Window. Same thing happens when I check for updates. Did you beta test this with any users? I'm using Windows version - wonder if Mac version is as bad. I luckily found Legacy version and it works just fine. You need to get your act together ASAP - and make a solid project - with TAGS at top - or Google/Microsoft juggernaut will sadly crush you. I've been user for at least 10 years - not sure I'll make it to 11 years 😝 🙄 Clyde
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