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  1. Check out the following search screenshot: You'll note that I'm searching for the words "other factors", and that those terms are hilited in the selected document. All in all, it's a great feature... except that the text in the document itself is darkened so much it's practically illegible. Why is it that Evernote makes the one or two words I already know bright and readable, but screens everything else back to the point that I'm totally unable to determine if THIS document is the one I'm trying to find??? Seems backwards, somehow, doesn't it? Now you can click into the document to remove the hiliting. But then you have to click back to the list for the next document, and then click into the text again, and then back to the list, and then back to the text, and... Here's an idea: How about REVERSING the hilite mode, so I can actually see the friggin' document!!!!!!! Make the search terms dark (or, perhaps, use the SYSTEM HILITE COLOR), and leave the rest of the text alone so I can actually read it. Please?
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