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  1. Burgers - I guess this was the first time I ever saw the 'Begins with' restriction. Search wasn't working so I hunted around and saw the restriction. It seems strange to restrict searching this way, but as you say - I've been living with it for a while. My complaint is that I used to be able to search for 'PP1' or '_PP1' and it would find that note. After the upgrade to v4.2.0.3639 (121185) it will no longer find the note. No matter how I feel it should or should not work - it currently is not working according to any rule. It's just unfortunate that I stumbled onto this underscore bug. Sorry if I ruffled any feather by suggesting that maybe it should work differently. Thanks, PCH
  2. Jeff - I'm glad that everything is working fine for you. Burgers - thanks for taking the time to test this and confirm that something isn't right. Engberg -You seem to hint that the problem is caused by the use of the underscore as the first character in the word. I can confirm that search will Not find words that begin with an underscore. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Best regards, PCH
  3. I just ran the upgrade to v4.2 and now search is not working. I notice that the note search details now specifies that search term will only be found if they are at the beginning of words. Yesterday (before the upgrade) it would find a note that contained a search term anywhere not just at the beginning. Even the 'Begins with' is not working correctly If I search for '_PP1' it won't find any matches even the following note (snippet) - SYSTESTA _Q31 SYSTESTB _Q41 DEVLOCO _D3 QAFAT1 _T1 QAFAT2 _T2 PREPROD _PP1 DEVINT1 _D1 TRAINING _TR1 This is a horrible change in behavior. The main purpose of Evernote is to allow you to find your notes. Forcing only 'begins with' is a bad change. I would like to see the previous search functionality restored. Best regards, PCH
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