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  1. I concur. Why is the state of human interface design so utterly deplorable? With great hesitation, I downloaded the version 2 of Skitch. Mistake. "Spiffy" interface = hard to use. Impossible to not have shadow on font (and, no surprise, no font choice at all). Really basic stuff. And yes, I do know that it's "not Paintbrush". But it's barely a drawing program. Sigh. Back to the drawing board. And replacing V2 with v1.
  2. Vital update!!!! After finding another thread here, I tried this... It has worked. All I did was to download 6.0.3_451151 from the Evernote site - NOT the app store. I then unpacked it, and simply replaced it in the Applications folder. I noticed immediately it was a different size (a bit smaller, I think). Start the application, then I needed to sign in. On arrival, there were no notes or notebooks at all. (So I would think that if you had odd SYNC problems and have notes ON YOUR MACHINE that are not on the server, you would lose these). But, after a very rapid sync, all notebooks are there, all notes are there. New note yields everything all right - title, content. Edit note is fine. This may help others having this issue.
  3. Having just spent several not fun hours on this.... an update, and an important one that might help many. I had updated to 6.0.3 via the App Store. Didn't think much about it. After having endless problems this evening, I found this thread and decided to try that direct download and replace/install. This has worked completely excepting the fubar font issue I had. All I did was to download 6.0.3_451151 from the Evernote site - NOT the app store. I then unpacked it, and simply replaced it in the Applications folder. I noticed immediately it was a different size (a bit smaller, I think). Start the application, then I needed to sign in. On arrival, there were no notes or notebooks at all. (So I would think that if you had odd SYNC problems and have notes ON YOUR MACHINE that are not on the server, you would lose these). But, after a very rapid sync, all notebooks are there, all notes are there. New note yields everything all right - title, content. Edit note is fine. This may help others having this issue.
  4. I just found this thread. I also posted a major warning about 6.0.3. In essence, I was just fine until 3 hours ago, when I did the update to 6.0.3. Now, major problems: New notes - no title edits until almost 2 minutes. Then, no content edits unless I know to press TAB to move to the new field. Existing notes - same thing, cannot even SEE them for 2 minutes. Editing - same deal but at least the content is there. Further, a bizarre FONT issue whereby some odd font I've never heard of has totally fubar'd one note. I have routinely used a copy and paste in some cases, and am fearful that all notes where I did that will suffer this fate. I also want to chime in on mission and focus. Work Chat is a waste for many users. I don't mind adding features, but feel that a) it might be useful to make those optional and if such efforts result in such massive bugs, then that tells me you are losing your way. Time to start looking....
  5. A BIG WARNING TO MAC EVERNOTE USERS. DO NOT UPDATE to version 6.0.3. From the APP STORE. It is a major nightmare. Problems: - New Notes. It takes almost 2 minutes to be able to do anything other than add a tag. After this time, only a small single line appears for a title. Then, you must somehow intuit that pressing TAB moves to another single line for the body of the note. Totally unusable. - Existing notes. IT also takes nearly 2 minutes to simply VIEW an existing note. Further, there is something totally bonkers about the FONTS. I discovered this only after opening (wait wait wait....) a note I created yesterday - a set of song lyrics I copied and pasted. Yesterday, the font after the paste was the default font. Today, the SAMe note has a fount name I've never heard of, and the formatting is totally fubar - lines overlapped, unreadable text. This holds even after I have selected all and pushed into a standard font (Verdana). I SOLVED these problems after I downloaded the version from the Evernote Site. See reply below for more. As a Premium user, I do feel very put off by this. This is not a usable product at all. Needless to say, if it is NOT fixed, I'm not sure what options I have other than migrating notes from a different machine to text and using a different product. If it IS fixed, no updates for me until at least a month after they are released. This is the first time I have had such a terrible experience with the product.
  6. How did you revert back to an older version?
  7. While I often hold off on updates, I've gotten a lot of mixed messages the past week on a security or other problem in "a" version I am using, so I did this one (Mac to 6.0.3). BAD idea. Now, editing existing notes or new notes is a painful process. DON"T UPDATE!!!
  8. I have this same problem. I just an hour ago updated and it now is version 6.0.3 Click New Note. The note is outlined in blue in the left column notes listing area. I can edit tags. No amount of double clicking in the window edit area allows me to add content. After SEVERAL MINUTES of clicking and waiting, A title box I can edit appears (no longer the large size it was). Then after carefully clicking madly below the title, a single line text entry appears that I can edit. This will auto resize. Attempting to edit EXISTING notes has the SAME PROBLEM *** THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE ***
  9. I'm very very sad to see the very recent changes in Webclipper. Long one of my favorite tools, I discovered to my dismay in the past 48 hours (mystery update, I guess?) that one cannot now save a simplified article as a PDF file, a tool I found very valuable to skirt the ever growing raft of ***** that web pages throw (up). The only option is to save to Evernote. It's hard not to think that pressure from outside interests forced this "change". I also discovered this morning that one cannot get to the end of the list of notebooks (I can only see the very top pixels of a the lower part of my notebooks list) And that adding a new tag is busted. Enter that new tag, followed by a comma, enter, as per before. But now if I have made a spelling error and delete that tag, I cannot add ANY new tag. It always puzzles me that so many things break when basic changes are made. It's kinda sad.
  10. Regarding support: I think it's worth keeping in mind that what we have here is a largely free product from a small organization. I have no idea how many premium users there are, but I doubt it is enough in and of itself to foster a huge backend customer support structure. I've not had good results either, but I just accept it and move on.
  11. I've had this happen too, or at least a variant thereof. For me, the problem is twofold: a failure to find a term I know is there, either a singel word or a compound term, (Apple Preview does find it), but also when a term IS found, the placement on the page is wacky, typically several paragraphs "away". To my knowledge, there is no resolution to this problem. I have pretty much backed off on depending on the search function for much at all. Use tags.
  12. Two other things to add, since I also use this for teaching. 1. Learn to get good with tags. This has become a serious necessity due to the really limited search capabilities. Don't rely on search to help you figure out where you left an article or a reference to something in a note! That's gotten me into a lot of bad places recently. 2. Pay attention to how you organize your classes and lectures. This one took me a while (and I am still learning!).
  13. This sounds like a bug, and since you have what sounds like an easily repeatable test case, you should probably file a support inquiry. See the link in my signature. Well, I did issue a request for support and, sadly, all I got back was a repeat of the PDF specifications, i.e. size, not text, etc. That kinda leaves me in the position of having to NOT rely on the search function for much at all. I've taken to trying to organize my notes so as to reduce the possible need TO search. This is rather disappointing. And it still leaves me with the same bug, easily reproduced problem, that a quoted phrase simply does NOT result in accurate search results. So, word to the wise: DO NOT EXPECT THE SEARCH FUNCTION TO YIELD USABLE RESULTS. Plan accordingly.
  14. Indeed, things are a bit odd! Today, I find that using the desktop client on my Mac (not the web access), I *can* find a term in a PDF file. It's a bit quirky: - The actual, visible "location" I see on my screen is typically *below* the actual text in the PDF file, but is spot on for any other, text-like file; - If a PDF is set to 'View As Attachement', I lose the visual pointer completely once I open it up, so setting things to be 'View Inline' is the only way to get useful results. To make matters more confusing, I find that a compound search gets me really weird results. If I type, without quotes, this phrase into the search box: feminist movement I get a slew of hits, and the returns have either the term 'feminist' or 'movement'. If I type, with quotes, this phrase into the search box: "feminist movement" I get two hits. The first is an html clipped article, and that has two visible hits: "feminist" and "movement" in two DIFFERENT places in the document. The second is a PDF file, and that is a single term (again with the odd visual offset - the actual found term is above what I am shown on the screen). To be sure I am doing things correctly, I looked at the Evernote page on search grammar [ http://www.evernote.com/about/developer/api/evernote-api.htm#_Toc297053079 ] and found this (some trimmed for clarity here): "C.1.2. Matching literal terms If no advanced search modifier is found in a search term, it will be matched against the note as a text content search. Words or quoted phrases must exactly match a word or phrase in the note contents, note title, tag name, or recognition index. Words in the content of the note are split by whitespace or punctuation. [snip] E.g.: · "San Francisco" o matches: "The hills of San Francisco" o does not match: "San Andreas fault near Francisco winery"From this, I infer that my search for the phrase "feminist movement" should NOT have found one of my instances, but it did. So I am still lost on this. I don't rely on search a lot, but it would be nice to have it consistent. Any ideas? Anyone?
  15. In answer to the reply above: Yes, I have ensured that my uploaded PDFs fit the criteria - they all do. Except... I don't quite undertand the implications of "The raw PDF doesn't already contain "searchable" text that you can select and copy." That seems to suggest that these PDF files will not be searched? As to search notes or text occurences within notes part - I believe I am. Here's what I do: - To search my notes, I click on the left hand column area and enter the search term. - To search for text occurrences within notes, I click on a given note and enter the search term. When I do this, I get these results, with the following word examples. Word: "Reconsidered" (I do not use the quotes) In my notes, I know that I have the following PDF article that IS in text, 'Frame Analysis Reconsidered'. It's from JSTOR. I can open it up, see the title page and the title and if I click on that word, I can then paste it into another document. I think this means it is a word in the text. When I search on 'Reconsidered' though, I get two, and only two, different documents, neither of which is the above. What's more, the second one of these is a PDF file, it is also text, but if I get the Info on that, it says '1 PDF file has not been indexed'. So I am totally stumped on this. Do I open a support request?
  16. I'm a premium user, with a client on the Mac and on iPad. I'm using Evernote for teaching, and have accumulated a nice trove of articles, many of which are PDF, both the image type and text type. When I try and do a simple search for a term I know is in one of those PDFs, I come up empty every time. My organizing is not the best. One note, for example, has a bunch of these PDF files collected together. When I select that note and get the info on it, I see: 29 PDF files have not been indexed What am I missing here? Is there something I have to do to force them to BE indexed? None are over the size limit. The mix of image type and text type should, I think, allow for indexing all of the content of the PDFs. Help appreciated.
  17. And indeed, it seems now that all is well with both the Clipper AND the Delicious extension installed and working. Next test is the laptop.
  18. My issue is resolved, but oddly in two ways on two different machines. Main workstation: uninstalled and then reinstalled the clipper extension. Seems to have worked. But see next one. Laptop: I got it working after I uninstalled the Chrome Delicious extension. Odd, and here I did NOT uninstall/reinstall the Clipper extension. I note that in the Main Workstation above, I first uninstalled, and have not REinstalled, the same Delicious extension. I plan to try that and will report if it fails again.
  19. Anyone else having a problem with Clipper and 3.0.5 not working at all? (new iMac, 10.6.8, Chrome). I did the upgrade - about 3 hours ago - and just now noticed that when I use Clipper and try and clip an article, URL or full page, I get the initial little dialog ballon, I can enter tags and select what to try and clip and then when I do that, the balloon simply shrinks down to a no text in it size and then nothing happens. I have notifications on, and nothing happens there. It was working great yesterday and this is the same workstation. I did confirm I am signed in. I am using Chrome, and have not looked into whether or not there was a silent update for that at the same time. Help! I'm hip deep in class planning and this is really good feature!
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