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  1. I concur. Why is the state of human interface design so utterly deplorable? With great hesitation, I downloaded the version 2 of Skitch. Mistake. "Spiffy" interface = hard to use. Impossible to not have shadow on font (and, no surprise, no font choice at all). Really basic stuff. And yes, I do know that it's "not Paintbrush". But it's barely a drawing program. Sigh. Back to the drawing board. And replacing V2 with v1.
  2. I'm very very sad to see the very recent changes in Webclipper. Long one of my favorite tools, I discovered to my dismay in the past 48 hours (mystery update, I guess?) that one cannot now save a simplified article as a PDF file, a tool I found very valuable to skirt the ever growing raft of ***** that web pages throw (up). The only option is to save to Evernote. It's hard not to think that pressure from outside interests forced this "change". I also discovered this morning that one cannot get to the end of the list of notebooks (I can only see the very top pixels of a the lower part of my notebooks list) And that adding a new tag is busted. Enter that new tag, followed by a comma, enter, as per before. But now if I have made a spelling error and delete that tag, I cannot add ANY new tag. It always puzzles me that so many things break when basic changes are made. It's kinda sad.
  3. Regarding support: I think it's worth keeping in mind that what we have here is a largely free product from a small organization. I have no idea how many premium users there are, but I doubt it is enough in and of itself to foster a huge backend customer support structure. I've not had good results either, but I just accept it and move on.
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