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  1. Frank i have read the GTD books, seems i can't explain my question - sorry. However you dont have to reply for him, mine is a open question to everyone wants to contribute on a Evernote user perspective. I've opened this thread to see how other organize their hierarchy - i already know i can create my own tag-based system... And this is about EN not about what you or me understand about GTD
  2. Frank sorry i said notebook by mistake! I wanted to say that "references" are for me logically inside the "what" (or who, when, how and so on) tag family. Can something be a reference without being everything else that falls into the W categories? i cant imagine what this could be, and this is what i'd like to know. It's not about GTD, I cant see why Hyatt want to keep an ambiguous tag for something should be a sub-tag in my narrow vision - or maybe it's just untidy - btw i dont use EN as a todo/gtd software finding pocket informant better for my use on this tasks Thanks again for your contribution and sorry for the mistake
  3. "Reference" relates to the GTD system. You'll have to look into that... You need to come up with your own flavor... use Michael Hyatt's template as inspiration. Pick and choose what makes sense to you. You need to research more on "Import Folders" for Windows. Nothing to do with tags. 1. i know some GTD but imho "reference" is again a tag, not a notebook? 2. But on something there's no flavoring imho - think like nailing a nail... so im looking for you powerusers to show me the best practice (finding great inspiration on your nice website too, thanks!) 3. LoL sorry i misread import thinking was importANT (automatically thought it was italian-style abbreviation) - im lucky enough not to have to deal with a win client so i didnt even know of existance of this folder thanks!
  4. Hi Chirmer, Dutchpete, Chris thank you @dutchpete Im keeping sensible material in a encrypted files vault on a separate application (lastpass) so if evernote employee really want to, they can come and see my grocery list freely @Chirmer do you use a nested or plan tags system? what do you think of the "who,where,when,what,how "approach to nest tags? @Chris I had a similar setup until yesterday but i cannot see (at the moment maybe) what cannot be achieved thru tags instead of notebooks. I mean, i dont see the cons in tags system - but i dont want to start a flame here
  5. do the right thing, go with tags http://michaelhyatt.com/evernote-tags.html on this forum (as i did) you will find a lot of example and best practice searching for "hierarchical tag" best, giovanni
  6. Hi Frank thank you for your reply Yes i did my homework finally I read a lot about this, thanks to this precious forum... I like Hyatt model, but still i don't get the "reference" tag stack he use... I can't imagine something who can not be described with " who,when,where,what, how " tag - what's your thought on this? Im pretty sure there's something im missing Thank you for the suggestions you bring me. Yes the share notebook is something i have to add for sure- probably as a stack in which every notebook title is the person im sharing with i guess. I'm syncing everything to mobile, so this is not an issue for me. The important folder can be worked around with a tag "important" i think, even if im not using win client. iOS nested visualization is a big thing we would need to have upgraded, but i'm trying to survive this since i think the radical tag only-based system is the most powerful - even if with this limitation on iOS. Thank you again, greetings from Italy!
  7. Hi there, after years of using a nested notebook environment i finally switched to a 2 notebook + hierarchical tags setup - i have to thanks this forum for the precious help in the understanding and the procedures to achieve this, especially thanks to user burgernfries. Now i have a question for you: i tried to analyze my EN workpath and at the moment i think i can use as few as 2 notebook: @Inbox cabinet In "@inbox" i clip, mail, wrote, take pics ... etc - then i process the information adding relevant tags and move the note to "cabinet". Can it be as simple as that? Am i missing something? I would like to receive suggestion on how many / which notebook do you enlightened poweruser have - so that maybe i can learn something more. Thank you very much! Best, Giovanni
  8. Oh my god what a disaster is this version 5. I'm really disappointed, cant believe this could happen: everything but "eyecandyness" has got worst. Evernote is the most wonderful tool i've got in my whole life, please get back to 3.3 usability. P.S. I've just downgraded, 3.3 works like a charme and i'm happy again! Thank you Nightstalker
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