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  1. Actually, it seems to be working (it moves!), but there is not any synchronization happening. No message of error, either: ******** Version: Evernote Mac 6.13 (455674) [App Store] OS: 10.12.6 WebKit: 603.3.8 WebCore: 603.3.8 Mac Model: MacBookPro9,2 Date: 2017-11-01 22:17:45 +0000 ynchronizing shared notes 2017/11/01 19:16:28:992 I|* 15274 -[ENSyncEngine _syncStoppedWithErrors:delegate:] | Sync complete. No errors.
  2. In my case, I have a completely EMPTY Evernote... No notes, no files, no tags... nothing. Fortunately, everything is there in the web version, but not on my desktop. Has anyone experienced something similar? Of course the Sync function is not functioning...
  3. Ayer se realizó una actualización automática de programas en mi MAC, y hoy no encuentro ninguna nota, carpeta, etiqueta, etc. en mi Evernote. Cuando entro a mi cuenta en la página web, sí están ahí. Mantengo cerrado Evernote por ahora. La versión que tengo instalada es Versión: 6.13 (455674 App Store). Cuando le doy actualizar nada cambia. Temo que por actualizar, me borre las notas de la versión web. Hice la consulta técnica y avisan que pueden demorar SEMANAS en contestar, por alta demanda. Agradeceré cualquier ayuda de este foro. Gracias!!
  4. Well, I am experiencing the same since I re-installed web clipper two days ago in Chrome-54 on MAC OSX. Previously, it had been working fine... So perhaps it has to do with the web clipper.
  5. I have seen some suggestions in this user forum from Evernote stuff, so if this is not the place to ask them some answer, I wonder where it is that place? My story is quite similar to many of you, but I can say that I have just bought my new Android phone MAINLY for using Evernote... And finding it SO SLOWLY is terrible dissapointing.
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