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  1. It sounds like Evernote is definitely going to implement links between notes, which might serve as a workaround toward this feature, especially if Evernote uses what I refer to a note as syntax. A modest proposal: every note is also a notebook! I was going to suggest that you turn the notebook/note paradigm into a tree paradigm (where each note also has a notebook attribute) but I believe that allowing users to order notes in a notebook manually will be logically equivalent, at least for most purposes. Also, keeping the tree paradigm acyclic might be a challenge. Having said that, a graph of notes might be interesting...
  2. BnF, just so other readers of this thread aren't confused; I wrote that "My use case happens to be GTD..." in response to jbenson2's request for an example of how a manual sort might be used. I did not mention GTD in my original feature request because I see this feature as something anyone might use constantly once they clicked on a note and realized they could drag it up or down within a notebook.
  3. I don't see this as a GTD feature request-- If I know that a notebook is sorted just the way I like it, I can scroll to the middle or the end of the notebook to find the note I need without having to remember the title of the note. It seems technically fairly do-able; if I'm wrong, let me know. I'm sure I can make Evernote work as my GTD system as-is. I don't even particularly want a 'due date' field for notes at this time, because if you're doing GTD right (which I rarely am) you're looking at your lists often enough that you have a sense of when things are due, and you're looking at an actual calender (which is only for things with hard deadlines) as well.
  4. jbenson2, My use case happens to be GTD, where each Notebook is a "project" and each Note is a "next action". Another use case might be a writer or journalist needing to manually organize a story. Numbering the title of each Note in a notebook might work, and then using fractions (e.g. 1.25) when I need to squeeze a Note in between whole numbers, but I think Evernote can make this happen.
  5. Jeff, Not necessarily. The simplest solution (practically zero storage overhead) is to attach a map/dictionary to each user's account called "Sorted Notebooks": a dictionary where each key is the Globally Unique ID of a Notebook and each value is a comma delimited string of sorted Note GUIDs. When I opt to sort a Notebook manually, the string of Note GUIDs is re-hydrated into a linked list of Note GUIDs. (Inserting into a linked list only ever requires updating two list items.) This linked list determines the order of the Notes, and Notes added after the last manual sort can be added to the end of the linked list. Great point. If, in a Search, Saved Search, or Tag view, the user started dragging a note to re-order it, they'd get either of the following prompts: "This list is currently being sorted by search or tag criteria. Please select a Notebook to re-order its contents." or "This list is currently being sorted by search or tag criteria. If you want to manually re-sort this particular set of notes, click *here* to create a new 'Scrapbook' based on this list. Otherwise, select a Notebook to re-order its contents. (A Scrapbook, which would really be just a list of note GUIDs, would be very handy if you cared to implement it. E.g. If I, as a Dungeon Master, had a Notebook of Drow NPCs and a Notebook of Dwarf NPCs, I could select notes from each Notebook to make a Scrapbook called "possible encounters for the Underground Campaign"-- I wouldn't want to clutter up my tag namespace with such an arbitrary tag.) And, of course, Evernote coders could create a dictionary called "Sorted Tags" which would work just like "Sorted Notebooks" described above.
  6. I should be able to sort notes in a notebook manually, and Evernote should remember each notebook's manual sort order if I later select an alphabetic sort and then want to go back to viewing my manual sort order. (New notes added after my manual sort could be added to either the top or the bottom of the lists in the manual sort view.) I'm using Evernote 2.0 on OS X.
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