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  1. This is the first thread that popped up in my search results for "link notes" and it seems to been active recently so I'll add my two cents here. I found out about Evernote a while back and loved the idea. I installed it, started working with it then found no way to create any links between my notes. This basically caused me to quite using the product altogether. So, recently I see more press about the product and see there's a nice new version to play with. Same story: install, love it, can't figure out how to link notes, see the feature isn't there. It just seems like such a natural use of the product to me so I can't understand why it hasn't been added or least mentioned. I understand the development life cycle and also that you want to add big splashy features to garner press and drive usage up, but this is just hard for me to swallow. I've decided to try and use the workarounds and give the product more of a shot because I honestly love the idea, but this one feature is preventing me from giving any money over. I would honestly become a paying customer if this functionallity were added. For now it's the free version though.
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