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  1. On Windows, using two premium users, at the same time, anyone of the instances crashes at any random time, It is becoming more and more frequent to my recall it is only happening in the last version ( (308555) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)), sometimes I don't see one of the instances crash because it just vanishes, so I go to the other one and try to open the missing one again and can't because it tells me that it's already open, so I close the working instance.... but Clipper and Tray app don't close and they have to be ended with task manager, only then can I open again both instances.... and wait for the next crash.... seriously considering downgrading until this gets fixed... I have observed at least one note became damaged (Lost content)
  2. Thank you for clearing the matter guys, quoting it works, was so caught up in the matter that somehow didn't think of will like a modal verb, only as a noun.
  3. When doing a search for the word "will", on the windows client, all notes are returned as the search result, when in fact they don't have the word. This doesn't happen in the web app. Searching for variations like "wil" or "willl" produces good results. "Will" this be fixed ?
  4. I've been using Evernote for quite some time and I use 2 dictionaries at the same time (by the way awsome feature there, thank you), because sometimes I write in english and other times in my native Portuguese. For some time now I've noticed a fault in the Portuguese correction that possibly can occur in other languages with accentuation like Portuguese, this has not been corrected over several versions wich leads me to believe it has not been reported probably. I searched the forums a little bit and did not find information on this. The problem: If I write a word that has an accent but ommit the accent Evernote tells me the word is wrong and this is the correct beavior. When I right-click on the word to correct it. The word with the accent is not sugested. If I correct it mannualy Evernote considers the word correct. So my conclusion is that the words are probably on the dictionary, but somehow Evernote fails to suggest them as correction. This issue isn't a blocking or urgent problem, still it would be niced to see it work properly.
  5. Just to offer a little input on this issue: Me and a few of my friends are using the same kind of setup and this is comprissed of: Windows XP Service Pack 3 + latests updates Outlook 2003 Evernote (116576) Ever since the instalation of this version of Evernote, like so many users here in the forum we too have experienced problems with Outlook, in our case Oullok starts to have graphical tearing of it objects, lists, etc...eventually leading up to an unresponsive Outlook and ocassionaly a crash. Dealing with this so far have been, closing Outlook as soon has we see screen tearing, usually Outlook doesn't close on it's own....have to open it again and choose exit again and that usually works. Opening Outllok again usually has no problem. Keeping Evernote (Application nothing to do with the Add-in) closed prevents Outlook from having problems.
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