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  1. But this problem has been solved numerous times. What the heck do you think a GUID is? It's a Globally Unique Identifier. Geez. Why do we all think this problem is so hard?? It just baffles me that note links are being held up by a technical issue that was solved decades ago. See, for instance, this Wikipedia article: Again: geez. Geez Dan, thanks for that definition! How could I not have ever known what a GUID is! Generating GUIDs is not a problem. However, matching/cataloging/indexing a GUID to every single note created by every single user, is probably not a menial task, but more importantly, this whole very specific technical discussion is IRRELEVANT: HOW cross-note linking is implemented is IRRELEVANT and NONE OF OUR BUSINESS! WHEN is what we're really interested in! So any bets as to when? (But to digress just a bit more: I can't see how something like "protocol://userID/NotebookID/NoteID" is any less unique than a GUID, with the advantages of actually being human readable, each term already being known, and not needing to generate, catalog and index GUIDs for every single note out there... just saying...)
  2. Perhaps the goal of having 'super-universal' URIs for notes is over-engineering the solution? Here's the way I see it: - The basic need is to be able to put a link to a note, from a given account, within another note of the same account. - This should appear as a link, perhaps in evernote's green, or with a small elephant icon, to clearly identify it as a link to a note. - The way to add it should be either with the right-click context menu, as for Hyperlinks, or with a button on the editor's toolbar. Said button or context menu could pop-up a selection/search screen to pick a note. - Showing the linked note title in a tool tip on mouse-over would be just grand. - Linking of notes could be limited to notes that are synchronized to the web, and the actual nomenclature of the link actually need not be known or shown in our notes, leaving the possibility for any future changes to the protocol/nomenclature... - Internally, and/or temporarily, a simple "evn://account-id/notebook-id/note-id" should be able to track down any notes, no? I really don't see the need to combine MACs & timestamps to generate GUIDs... Just my $0.02.... Of course, we can conjure as many plans as we want, it's all pretty much in vain as we haven't a clue how everything is actually built and everything always seems so simple from a user's perspective!
  3. I just started using Evernote, and absolutely love it! Congrats on a great product! And then I got stumped by the problem of not being able to link notes to each other. Doh. The tag/search workarounds seems to be 'operational', but clumsy and heavy handed at best... I know it's been massively requested and is considered, but Is there an actual ETA for this feature? Is there a release schedule? I'm not talking about linking Evernotes in other software/docs, just links in Evernotes, between notes, for a given account. I really can't see how this can be very complicated, as each note is obviously uniquely identifiable (as they are already listed, sortable, and synchronized). Having this feature would certainly make me more inclined to become a Premium user... (Ok, Premium is actually overkill for my needs: but a "Basic" account @ $20/year would be just right...)
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