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  1. Wow - I am so glad I am not alone ... evernote must have some incredible social media team - because by reading and searching twitter and the web - you'd think this was the perfect update. I just lost week of work, and a dozen hours of productivity time from the recent updates. in the past 24 hours ... - the app become unresponsive for 60 seconds or more, at a time .... (ie ... swipe ... wait wait wait ... then it scrolls. Tap ... wait wait ... ah there's the text). The joke is when support asks me for a video (video would be 50 gig if I had to record the bouts of unresposniveness) - cut and paste - sometimes it works sometimes not. - and today, after editing a note. And closeting the app... when I reopened - evernote uunformatted the entire note -- so I'l have to spend an hour recovering it. (and all this was after a fresh install of evernote!)
  2. can anyone confirm that rss feeds of evernote public notebooks are now defunct, and no longer work?
  3. I've had the same problem several times ... lost significant work. the scenario (I think) is that I am working offline on my ipad (premium user). later ... I return to wifi and synch (usually this is a forced synch, as I get off the plane and into the airport). Then ... sometime later, I look at my desktop - for at least 1 note, it is cut in half. Truncated. Panic. I check the notes history on the desktop version - no prior rev that I can roll back to (that has the missing info) - because it wasn't written on the desktop. I rush to my ipad and check the note. It's truncated too. Panic. Nothing I can do.
  4. LIKE THIS You mean, other than sarcasm from a "guru"? paying customers shouldn't have to spend time finding workarounds for basic features ... and, customers have been begging for usable search-and-replace (and custom sorting) for at least 5 years now. Evernote, at its core, is to manage lots of text notes ... so asking for a search and replace is not something any user should be made to feel unreasonable for expecting, or requesting.
  5. Wow... in other words "No there isn't a way to do this with Evernote" ...
  6. As of Today - something changed. Now I can no longer clip PDF files (displayed in Chrome) ... did something change?
  7. iPad DOES allow you to sort - it's just Manual (ie I have to choose the sort order - and it is the same for all notebooks until i change it again). But the request here is for Custom sort-order for each notebook (or tag). Some of my notebooks or tags are more appropriate to view in reverse chronological order... and others in alphabetical order. I often switch between them and it is a pain to have to keep on clicking (3-5 clicks and scrolling each time)
  8. Actually - This does not help - since I mostly need the sorting capability on my iPad version of evernote (which has even less capability than the desktop version) I will also add, that I use the web version too (on my chromebook) which does not have this sorting ability either.
  9. Thanks helps a little. thanks. I'm not a fan of the list view for my purposes ... but this is a slight improvement. thanks
  10. I am somewhat of a power user - and i find this lack of 'custom' sorting capability very very draining on my productivity, and am just so perplexed as to why this cannot be implemented - even of just for a premium level feature. Not only is having custom (saved) sorts useful for notebooks, but for Tags too. Also - even if we couldn't have a custom sort for each notebook or tag - how about just a quick custom-toolbar link to "sort-updated-reverse" "sort-title" .... how hard can that be?
  11. This is becoming a real serious issue! In my case (and this happens on both windows version and web ... not sure about ipad or android yet) 1. I sort my notes (in a particular notebook, or when viewing a tag) - for Title-Ascending 2. this is where I notice that there are notes that are in the WRONG SORT ORDER !! (this was my original problem - but it gets worse!) and sort order is very important, since, when writing a book, I have chapters/sections sorted by the note title eg Chapter 1.0 Chapter 1.1 Chapter 1.2 .. Chapter 4.0 Chapter 4.1 etc --- but I noticed that maybe 6-7 of the 100 notes are out of order ... e.g Chapter 1.0 Chapter 1.1 Chapter 1.2 Chapter 4.1 Chapter 2.0Chapter 2.1.. Chapter 4.0 Chapter 4.2 Chapter 4.3 etc ----- 3. So i tried to retype the note to see if it would go back in order BUT after I retyped the note title for, eg, Chapter 4.1 Evernote made a copy of the note (so there are 2 notes titled Chapter 4.1) 4. AND when I tried to delete the duplicate note they BOTH got trashed! 5. In the trash ... both copies of chapter 4.1 appear I restored one of them, and BOTH got restored! 6. the only way I could (some times) get this to work ... is to create a new note, manually cut and paste the Chapter 4.1 contents, and retype the title into the new note this worked most of the time,but not all the time! sigh .... very tiresome ... and also very instable, for a mature product, that I pay for every month!
  12. true ... as a multi-billionaire, i could always pay someone to paste the text into individual notes. In that case, I'd pay the current evernote CEO to do this all day.
  13. well actually a better strategy would be - 1. get the warp drive first 2. use the time travel option to go *back* in time to buy Apple and Google stock etc ... 3. become a multi-billionaire in the present day 4. buy Evernote - the company. 5. direct the engineers to add my text-pasting feature.
  14. I like this approach! I also want that Warp drive!
  15. i could but that would only work if I was on my own PC and not on ipad or elsewhere.
  16. I think any solution I find will be a kludge ... I am hoping eventually evernote will add more options for pasting or adding notes in a future release. even just an evernote keyboard shortcut for paste clipboard to new note, would speed this up a lot (though not ideal) Thanks.
  17. well I was not suggesting an integration with any particular app - just a way that I can paste from the clipboard to create multiple notes ... and - the reference to the sentiment: "as a general rule you don't want to transcribe text more than once" is a little preachy ... as I was precisely trying to avoid writing text more than once (with my request), and a presumption by whoever wrote it that my work flow was somehow flawed (and thus I should change it, rather than asking for a feature). And last - I have been a premium evernote user for many years. If users don't post requests and frustrations to forums evernote PMs would be working in vacuum. Thankfully, many users persist despite often having their requests being shot down or marginalized by others.
  18. Really guys? Really? I am almost too speechless to reply to that sentiment - but in the interest of getting more useful replies: 1. people actually DO use other applications in their work other than evernote - and sometimes evernote is not the primary application for content creation. 2. Oh and maybe, just maybe I want to paste a list that I found on the web, but create a note for each item in the list to I can create/write content for each, separately. More practically - when I write, I start with using a mindmapping application (I use several), that allow for rapid and robust organization of topics, subtopics and sections... the later, when I am ready to do prinicple writing - I want to have one note per "branch" (topic) ... and thus paste, say, 30 topics into evernote, one note per topic. So I am asking how to do this in Evernote. It is neither an unrerasonable, not all-too unusual request ... thanks
  19. +1 for me, too ... I want this feature (and even separate sort orders for Tags! or at least the option)
  20. +1 for me, too ... I want this feature (and even separate sort orders for Tags! or at least the option)
  21. I haven't seen anyone ask this yet so hopefully it is not a duplicate ... I frequently have a need to paste multiple lines of text into Evernote - but have each line of text create a new note (with the text being the title of the note) .. for instance - if am creating an outline for a book (in some other app - or inside a single note) - I then want to create a separate note for each chapter/section so I can write and organize them independently. Sort of like a reverse table-of-contents features. Actually - this is *exactly* the reverse of Evernote's table-of-contents feature. Does this function exist? is there another way to acheive this? (equally useful on iPad or Windows versions ... so a way to do this on either platform would be appreciated)
  22. Actually, tapping "Return" isn't necessary. After typing the new tag, touch anywhere on the screen that is greyed out.Evernote is smart enough to know that a new tag is to be created once the user touches the greyed out area. "Evernote is smart enought to ..." HA !! Yeah, right. The fact that we had to have this thread is a testament to bad design and poor UI practices. 45 mins of my life I wish I could get back. Interesting that a productivity app should waste some much of their users' time. This is not the first time that I had to search and search evernote forums for a solution to a problem that should never have been there in the first place. Thanks to all for finding the "secret" to adding a new tag on the ipad.
  23. Worse for me is when I try to edit using portrait mode (having my ipad long-wise) ... the left column sidebar takes up half the screen, leaving me with a narrow column to edit my note..unusable in this mode. The way they do it on the android app is great (the way the right/left sidebars swipe to hide/reveal ... so I have the full portrait screen for editing). why not on the ipad?
  24. Same problem here. You really let me down evernote. I am traveling right now, only ipad and evernote - and missed an important deadline because of the problems. Boy did I get it intensively. LOTS of weird things happening 1. Same as everyone ... freezes, crashes. 2. LOT of issues when you try copy/paste, cut/paste (or any kind of paste) - particularly if the clipboard was clipped from another app (say, some text from the web in safari). - sometimes when I paste, it causes the crash - sometimes when I paste, the pasted text appears (but NEVER ever formats correctly .. c'mon evernote) ... and then when I leave the note and come back to it ... the pasted text is gone 3. I worked OFFline for a few hours, and noticed that I had far fewer problems and crashes ... interesting (I cannot tell if this is because I was offline (using premium version) or because I was pasting less from other apps. 4. Online again this morning, same ol' crashing *****. definitely lost data
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