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  1. Worst ... Update ... Ever (not just for evernote) ... OMG this is so so so so bad. I have tag (shortcuts) ... did someone actually try this before releasing it ??? It is UNusable for me (and really screws me since I was just about to travel and do a lot of writing) Tags - no longer are sortable Tags - when I click on a tag the friggen UI changes!! (unlike tapping on a category) I can go on and on ... but then I'd be doing the QA job that you should have paid someone to do. I cannot say too little about this update.... except it was unnecessary and self-indulgent to some designer who wants to win some award for "pretty" rather than for usability or productivity. I'm sorry - I cannot be gracious or even civil to evernote at this point. Too much lost work. Been paying evernote for this privilege for 10 years too!
  2. I jiust got the ios update -for evernote - 20 mins - OH MY GOD WHAT A DISASTER ... they hired some self indulgent designer - who apparent does not use the product on a day to day basis ... what is the term for an update that is not even ready for Alpa (let alone beta, or an automatic update) my tag shortcuts are now UNUASABLE .... and I prettymuch cant work Is there no way to roll this back? (i was not even given a choice!) Help!
  3. Still clunky I want a way - using the evernote ipad (ios) APP ... the pin a note to the home screen on the ipad - so I can just click and open the note (in evernote) directly from the home screen.
  4. Wow - I am so glad I am not alone ... evernote must have some incredible social media team - because by reading and searching twitter and the web - you'd think this was the perfect update. I just lost week of work, and a dozen hours of productivity time from the recent updates. in the past 24 hours ... - the app become unresponsive for 60 seconds or more, at a time .... (ie ... swipe ... wait wait wait ... then it scrolls. Tap ... wait wait ... ah there's the text). The joke is when support asks me for a video (video would be 50 gig if I had to record the bouts of unresposniveness) - cut and paste - sometimes it works sometimes not. - and today, after editing a note. And closeting the app... when I reopened - evernote uunformatted the entire note -- so I'l have to spend an hour recovering it. (and all this was after a fresh install of evernote!)
  5. LIKE THIS You mean, other than sarcasm from a "guru"? paying customers shouldn't have to spend time finding workarounds for basic features ... and, customers have been begging for usable search-and-replace (and custom sorting) for at least 5 years now. Evernote, at its core, is to manage lots of text notes ... so asking for a search and replace is not something any user should be made to feel unreasonable for expecting, or requesting.
  6. Wow... in other words "No there isn't a way to do this with Evernote" ...
  7. This is becoming a real serious issue! In my case (and this happens on both windows version and web ... not sure about ipad or android yet) 1. I sort my notes (in a particular notebook, or when viewing a tag) - for Title-Ascending 2. this is where I notice that there are notes that are in the WRONG SORT ORDER !! (this was my original problem - but it gets worse!) and sort order is very important, since, when writing a book, I have chapters/sections sorted by the note title eg Chapter 1.0 Chapter 1.1 Chapter 1.2 .. Chapter 4.0 Chapter 4.1 etc --- but I noticed that maybe 6-7 of the 100 notes are out of order ... e.g Chapter 1.0 Chapter 1.1 Chapter 1.2 Chapter 4.1 Chapter 2.0Chapter 2.1.. Chapter 4.0 Chapter 4.2 Chapter 4.3 etc ----- 3. So i tried to retype the note to see if it would go back in order BUT after I retyped the note title for, eg, Chapter 4.1 Evernote made a copy of the note (so there are 2 notes titled Chapter 4.1) 4. AND when I tried to delete the duplicate note they BOTH got trashed! 5. In the trash ... both copies of chapter 4.1 appear I restored one of them, and BOTH got restored! 6. the only way I could (some times) get this to work ... is to create a new note, manually cut and paste the Chapter 4.1 contents, and retype the title into the new note this worked most of the time,but not all the time! sigh .... very tiresome ... and also very instable, for a mature product, that I pay for every month!
  8. +1 for me, too ... I want this feature (and even separate sort orders for Tags! or at least the option)
  9. Actually, tapping "Return" isn't necessary. After typing the new tag, touch anywhere on the screen that is greyed out.Evernote is smart enough to know that a new tag is to be created once the user touches the greyed out area. "Evernote is smart enought to ..." HA !! Yeah, right. The fact that we had to have this thread is a testament to bad design and poor UI practices. 45 mins of my life I wish I could get back. Interesting that a productivity app should waste some much of their users' time. This is not the first time that I had to search and search evernote forums for a solution to a problem that should never have been there in the first place. Thanks to all for finding the "secret" to adding a new tag on the ipad.
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