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  1. There are numerous posts requesting context menus to be included in various places of the Evernote web interface. Currently, there is no support and a mouse right click anywhere opens the browser's native context menu. I'm suggesting a broad addition of context menus to features we already have access to via buttons and other menus in the web page. Things like moving and deleting notes, attachment options, etc. Right clicking to get a subset of actions for an item has been a natural user behavior for decades now.
  2. Just dropped by to say thank you for the update. The narrow compact note list is soooo much better. I love it.
  3. A compact view option would be great. I recently noticed they are probably releasing this. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed. The note list is so much better now. But I can't find any buttons to enable/disable this. It should be optional.
  4. Thank you, so much! "You are leaving Evernote" warnings were driving me nuts
  5. Just ran into this issue today using the Firefox clipper addon. Logging out and reauthenticating the clipper extension fixed the issue. Click Settings. In the General tab, click the Logout button. The next time you try to use the extension, it should ask for your credentials and keep the new session authenticated from now on.
  6. I'm looking for this as well. The only way to download seems to be through the Microsoft Store, and it seems to completely hide a direct download link.
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