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  1. I am continuing to have this problem with formatting getting wiped out on notes. I don't recall simplifying the formatting. Even if I did, it would not remove everything.

    All my numbered lists are gone. Sometimes even spaces between words are removed. Very strange and frustrating.

    Additionally, I have other notes that are at a very low zoom on my iPhone, and I always have to zoom in to view them. I fear these will be next...

  2. This morning I lost critical information during a cut/paste in a "Not Responding" crash. Someone suggested it could be a corrupted note, but that's a needle-haystack problem. Apparently there is some background operation happening either in the OS, or perhaps Evernote is reindexing. If the latter, perhaps re-indexing can be done on demand. On that note I also notice terrible latency in the search function, where the typed search word takes up to a minute to execute. Evernote has become the sick patient that screams "Not Responding!" everytime you touch it. :wacko:

  3. After trying all these fixes, I am still having serious latency issues. Evernote completely locks my computer on boot-up. What is going on in the background and how can I configure it to boot more quickly? I always get "Not Responding" for sometimes as long as 20 minutes, and continues while I try to use it, sometimes locking while I am typing. The hard drive is working hard, as I can hear it. I suspect there is re-indexing going on which is taking up resources. Is there a way to schedule re-indexing? (Win7 on a laptop)

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