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  1. Hi @Remus sorry for the delay in responding. At the moment the way to do that is to login, choose the Delete Account option and then go through the sign up process again but choose the new calendar you'd like to sync with. This will ensure everything is tidied up for the transition.
  2. Hi @Lo. we don't support that at the moment. Unfortunately the way Business notes are modelled in the Evernote API (the service we use to interact with notes) is completely different for Personal and Business. It's on the list of potentials but it would probably be a paid for option.
  3. @jpaz unfortunately the Google web UI doesn't render the URL attribute which is what we now update as well as the Description. Will give some thought to adding into the location field as an option.
  4. @jpaz Updating the URL field in the calendar event is now supported for all calendar services. Hope that gives you the functionality you need.
  5. Thanks @jpaz. We're very shortly going to update the service to also write to the URL property of the calendar event for those calendar services that support it.
  6. If you have two-factor auth (2FA) enabled for your Apple account then you would an app specific password that could be revoked. We store the password as encrypted credentials to be used for access. Alternatively if you don't have 2FA enabled, then we exchange the credentials for a token which we store encrypted, discard the password and use the token for access.
  7. From the Cronofy perspective, we're relying on the web URL, and subsequent deep link redirect to the app, as the most reliable way to link through to a note. My guess is that Evernote require the user to be logged in to allow that redirect to happen. If there was another secure way of generating a reliable url to the note that would open the app or web depending on the state of the device we would happily use it.
  8. Hi Enki. If you HAVEN'T got two-factor auth on your Apple ID enabled then we exchange your credentials for a token using a proprietary Apple process. We only store the token and not the credentials. If you HAVE got two-factor auth enabled then you will need to create an app-specific password that we do store.
  9. I'm Founder & CEO at Cronofy so firstly thanks for the kind words. Our business is an API provider to allow software developers to integrate their apps and services with their users' calendars. The Evernote Calendar Connector was a great way for us to demonstrate to people what is possible when you start linking calendars to web services and treating calendars as interfaces. We also have integrations for Zendesk and Slack @GLK56 you may be interested in our Zapier application This will allow you to generate Evernote notes whenever a calendar event is created. We've created a Shared Zap template that does just that.
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