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  1. I can't even begin to describe how awful the new version is. I've been a paid subscriber to Evernote since January, 2011. $5 a month. Updates have been up and down over the years, but I've generally been able to count on the app to just work. The Version 6.25 was fast, functional, and I could have lived with it for years to come. Version 10 is ridiculously terrible. I honestly can't even troubleshoot it to count the flaws because it is too FRUSTRATING to even operate. The left panel will suddenly cover up half the panel with note names so I can't see my notes, 30 seconds to load a note, c
  2. I discovered this too. HOWEVER, the note isn't lost. Open evernote on the web, and viola, your ink note is back. It will also show on your android phone, not sure about IOS. For some reason, the Windows version of Evernote cannot display the ink note in the merged note, but it can be viewed elsewhere.
  3. I see that two finger scroll works on the touch pad, but no scroll bar. The touch pad functionality is, of course, useless when using in tablet mode, which, of course, is how you take handwritten notes.
  4. Why do you guys care if there is a scroll bar or not, when ink notes are not even SEARCHABLE? I just took notes on my Surface Notebook during a two hour meeting, only to find now that the stupid notes are not searchable, even though handwriting you SCAN in or photograph are searchable. Now I have to TYPE in my handwritten notes so I can search them if needed in the future. You have to make the ink notes searchable. Heck, OneNote not only makes them searchable but has built in OCR to convert them to text if desired. OneNote has you beat on this one by a mile.
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