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  1. I tried Evernote Touch and didn't like it. So: I want to install the desktop version of Evernote on my Microsoft Surface 3, but I don't want to download my whole evernote database as it is huge. There are a few folders I would like on my Surface, just not all of them ... but I do want access to everything in my database when I'm online. Is there a way to do this?
  2. I fully understand everything you've said Heather. Once we got you on track and addressing the actual problem, you've been very clear why it happened (which I already knew from the information received from support), and you've been very clear in emphasizing that Evernote will not address this potential problem on their end, but will leave it to users to both find out and then attempt to solve themselves. No need try to find someone else to dumb down your message for me ... thanks.
  3. Nonsense. The m.evernote address is most definitely tied to my Evernote account ... and my private email address is most definitely tied to my Evernote account. Therefore the m.evernote account is tied to my private email account. Listen - I've pointed out the problem, it's up to you how to respond to it. (Actually, your response is coming through to me as a user loud and clear.) I would suggest at the very least, you should point out to the many users who use gmail filters with your service, that this is a potential security issue. It sounds like you knew this was a potential issue before I pointed it out ... so I'm disappointed with the absolute silence on this issue on YOUR forums. (Ya I know, you try to make it sound like you have no control in the forums, but the very fact that you've jumped on this thread so quickly leads me to believe that is not true either.)
  4. The fact that you don't view this as a security issue on your end is very telling. My account is with you. Your relationship is with me. When ANY activity happens in a non-normal way with my account, my expectation is that you would communicate that issue with me ... not with someone who is unknown to you and potentially unknown to me.
  5. Really? This is your response? You are clearly avoiding the real issue by questioning a very minor side issue with me the messenger. Address the REAL issue that I've pointed out ... Here: I'm done with this diversion. Please address the real issue = under certain circumstances Evernote will send unauthorized emails from my account to users who would not normally even know about my account. If you knew this was the case, it would have been right and proper for you (when I say you, I mean Evernote) to warn users in the multiple discussions about email forwarding here on the forum. Instead, as I've pasted above, employees have promoted it. Please stick to the real problem. Thank you!
  6. @werpnst8 Not sure. Mine was on an automated filter through gmail. @heather A simple search shows dozens of conversations on the forums here about how to set it up ...
  7. If you set up a filter on gmail to forward specific emails to your Evernote account, and that forward fails on the Evernote end = Evernote will return the email TO THE ORIGINAL SENDER! ... not to you. This is a huge security and privacy issue. This happened to me recently with a business client that I was forwarding emails from to keep all his business communications in one place. I had some serious explaining to do when HE received notice from MY Evernote account that the forward had failed. Beware when using this highly promoted 'feature.' Here is the explanation from Evernote Support:
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