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  1. I think the "new" version is just a bad web browser that let us connect with the Evernote web. Just deleted it, if I wanted the web version, I would use the Firefox or another better web browser. At least there is the legacy version to save us from this "new" version (it is truly a downgrade).
  2. I am still a paying consumer, and I am willing to see the alternatives. That post was useful for me.
  3. It isn't just an opt-out option. Even in that mythical opt-out, they still will be able to see our personal notes at least in 2 expressed terms: (a) if they suspect that there is any violation of the service by the user; (b) if the government ask. (a) if they "suspect" there is any service violation, but in the end they find that the user didn't nothing, the damaged already will be done, they had seen the personal notes of an innocent; and who are they to lead a private investigation in users personal notes without a judicial order? It is like if you suspect of your boss (yes, we are
  4. So, are you guys moving to GDrive? Why not OneNote as a note taking app? They even have a migration app.
  5. Actually, it is new to Evernote, knowing that they didn't do that is why I was using it. Now I'm concerned.
  6. Hello, I read that Evernote, even after revising the police, will still be able to see personal notes contents in case of government request or when they "suspect" that we, users, are violating the terms of the service, is it true? I paid for an year service, if you change the police and I want to cancel the service, do you will give us proportional refund?
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