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  1. Im not looking for his head. I'm hoping that he will actually respond to this long long sad thread of people begging for this feature but never getting any kind of answer. With the turnover in senior management, CTO, CFO, CPO, HR, and reorg ... and the org seeking new funding .. I feel like the product and the subscribers are being neglected. He has an opportunity to do something differently but only if he knows and isn't preoccupied with "bigger issues."
  2. Does anyone have the email address of the new CEO, Ian Small, who sent us the lovely note recently? I would like to say that for all the language about being a notetaker, privilege to lead, join the community, working hard to earn our trust ... I'd like him to explain why this basic essential feature is not available. Is there an architectural problem that inhibits the ability to do this at all? If so, we should just be told. But somehow we got DARK MODE. Earn our trust Ian. Tell us why Evernote has been non-responsive. (Maybe I need to tweet this to get a response.)
  3. You have time for "Rebranding" but not enough time to add highlighting which is a key function of notetaking. I'm ready to abandon ship if we dont at least get an explanation. This seems so disrespectful
  4. Premium user for many years and this is such an obvious flaw. Evernote: Please respond.
  5. PRINT my list of reminders. I understand that Evernote is not a "task manager" but the addition of Reminders is like giving me a car but no gas. My list of 40 reminders cries out to be printed and now I have to take screenshots, import the image to a word document, and then print. Can we print out a list of Reminder items that are tagged? or in a special notebook? Or sync the reminders with some other task manager? Anything?
  6. Livescribe audio files won't appear for me. Uploaded livescribe pages with select audio segments. Pages came fine. Audio file did not show up (selected one small audio file.) Tried to upload just a single 3MB audio file. Again, LS says it uploaded but it can't be found in evernote. I am well within my monthly Evernote limit. LS2.5, Windows 7, Firefox 3.6.13. Any suggestions?
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