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  1. Anywhere in the note would do. At the moment, clipping with the Postbox add-on loses all metadata but, as I said, this add-on might be the responsibilty of Postbox rather than Evernote. I'll check with Postbox support, though they're notoriously unresponsive.
  2. I use the built-in Clipper add-on in Postbox, which is much quicker than forwarding the email to my Evernote address (just one click). It's just not very well thought out in this regard, but maybe it's something for Postbox devs, rather than Evernote.
  3. I'm regularly frustrated by the fact that, unless the body of an email contains the sender's and recipient's email addresses, there's no way to find out this information in clipped emails (at least those clipped from the client I use, which is Postbox). Headers should (perhaps optionally) be included in clipped emails, but it's mind-boggling that the From: and To: fields aren't stored somewhere in the clipped email by default, and that there's no way to do this (except by manually copying and pasting these fields into a note). Please implement at least this last feature. Thanks.
  4. I'm also seeing this, more than a year and a half since the OP, and no reply or action from Evernote. Shocking.
  5. Evernote hangs about 60% of the time when I try to move a note to a Notebook. The drop down appears but then gets stuck and I get the spinning beachball. The only workaround is to force quit Evernote. This problem started with version 7. Anyone else seeing this?
  6. Printing a note to PDF within Evernote usually results in oversized margins which can't be adjusted within the print dialog, since the scaling function rarely works well, if ever. I appreciate avoiding bloat, but scanning to PDF seems like a very basic function of a scanner. I'd be surprised if scanning to a collection of unrelated jpegs were the more common use case.
  7. I realise this is an old thread, but that fact makes me wonder even more why it's still not possible to scan to PDF from within the Evernote mobile app. Is it just so we have to download and use Scannable? To make matters worse, the `Convert Note to PDF` contextual menu function in Evernote (for Mac - not sure about other platforms) renders multi-page notes as a single-page PDF, which is mind-boggling, and makes that function useless (to me, at least). This is probably my number 1 annoyance with Evernote, as I use the scanning function several times a day and I need readable PDFs, which means I have to export individual pages and combine them in a PDF editor. Is it that difficult to either 1) implement the relevant Scannable functionality in the Evernote mobile app or 2) implement non-insane pagination for the `Convert Note to PDF` function? I would prefer both, but either one would make me very happy.
  8. Since this morning, Evernote 6.13 Betas 1 and 2 are failing to sync for me. The sync arrows rotate, but it ends with the red exclamation overlay. I've tried all the recommended troubleshooting steps listed here, with no luck. Anyone else seeing this issue? I'll submit my Activity Log through the regular support channels, but there's a notice saying it can take up to a week to get a reply. I need to get this fixed sooner than that...like in the next couple of hours [UPDATE: Managed to get Evernote syncing again, by running every fix DiskWarrior could chuck at my Mac. Not sure what did it, but problem solved.]
  9. Wow...that's really cool and works perfectly! Thanks so much! :-)
  10. I regularly need to modify ENML and XHTML files to fix poorly formatted clipped notes (increasingly so since EN 6.11), which means having to manually find the folder for the relevant note (cf. needle/haystack). I know that it's possible to access the EN data folder via [OPT]-Help > Troubleshooting > Open Database Folder, but I was hoping something like this was possible for individual notes too, via AppleScript or some other hack. Any help appreciated.
  11. It could be an EN iOS issue, but my first post in this thread was about images that I'd imported directly into EN Mac 6.10, so it seems unlikely to me. Interestingly, if I cut a stretched image from a note in the Mac client and then paste it back in (even into the same note), it displays fine. Not sure how to interpret that, but it caught my attention.
  12. I can't consistently reproduce the issue, but the screenshot and image I attached above were imported to EN Mac 6.10. Here's the same issue with a scan from the iOS app, which I just created (the ENEX is attached below): note.enex
  13. I'm seeing stretched images where I haven't simplified formatting. I actually noticed this in 6.11.1 beta 2 but I haven't been able to reproduce it consistently. I'm finding it happens most of the time with images scanned using the EN iOS app, but not always. I'm also seeing it with many imported JPEGs and PNGs. Here's an example, with the actual image below for comparison:
  14. I'm sure you're right that it's a Postbox bug, but I've never had any luck asking Postbox devs for help with Evernote integration. For as many years as the Postbox Evernote button has existed, they've ignored all support requests related to it, so I just assumed that it wasn't their responsibility.
  15. The email that the blank note was clipped from was attached alongside the ENEX, so that will give you an indication of what should be there. It's the same problem I flagged up in beta 1. It does look like Postbox is creating blank notes from certain kinds of HTML emails, rather than it being a problem with the note editor. I don't know who's responsible for Postbox integration, but I'd be happy to get in touch with them regarding this issue (unless you have a more direct line )
  16. I'm still getting blank notes with certain kinds of HTML email, clipped from Postbox. I could submit another ENEX, but it's the same issue as before, with the same kinds of email. Let me know if you want another sample.
  17. Yes, I submitted the ENEX via a support chat with Alexander on May 1. He said he would merge it with my existing ticket with Jeff. I also provided the following relevant information: Do you need me to submit the ENEX again? If so, I'll email it to Jeff.
  18. I've come across a certain kind of HTML email won't clip. Instead, I get a blank note with the subject line as the note title. I'll submit an ENEX through the support system.
  19. I've come across a certain kind of HTML email won't clip. Instead, I get a blank note with the subject line as the note title. I'll submit an ENEX through the support system.
  20. Very relieved that this has finally been released, and I can start working through my backlog of hundreds of unclipped emails! However, I'm still seeing some table rendering issues with certain emails clipped in Postbox. Here's an example of what part of an email looks like: And this is what I see if I clip it: Happy to submit the ENEX through the support system, if needed.
  21. Thanks so much for the quick response and detailed explanation, which are very reassuring. Hope the fixes you are trying out do the trick, and can be rolled out soon.
  22. Ok, I've done that. The support ticket is #2071343. Thanks.
  23. I'm seeing this problem with clipped emails, and even emails I forward to my Evernote email address appear scrunched (though not as severely as clipped emails).
  24. This is not true. I brought this issue up in both the beta 3 and 4 threads, with screenshots: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/105088-evernote-for-mac-611-beta-3-released/?do=findComment&comment=460483 https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/105258-evernote-for-mac-611-beta-4-released/?do=findComment&comment=461740
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