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  1. From this discussion, it appears that the Name of the note on My Favorites bar is from a search? It has the Name on a Note listed; when clicked it takes me to that note. Is this the saved search mentioned here? What feature did I choose to get this? How do I change the items shown on Favorites Bar? Thanks for any feed back. This is the most appropriate place I could find for this Q. Maybe I should start a new Topic for this Question?
  2. (A new, ~clearer, version of my reply.) acgummad, Re: your comment: "I would love to have a way to mark certain lines in my notes that allow Evernote to automatically add those lines to a to-do list." . -->How I use Evernote as a To--Do List, Task Manager: [*1] 1) Insert the curser at the beginning of any line in an Evernote Note > then right click > choose "To Do" > choose "Insert Checkbox". Evernote will insert a checkbox. 2) Notes containing these checkboxes (sometimes referred to as 'To Do' notes) can later be called up by typing variations of the todo: operator in the Evernote search field. Three Examples: To show all notes containing checkboxes that are not checked: todo:false To show all notes containing checkboxes that are checked: todo:true To show all notes containing checkboxes that are either checked or not checked: todo:* 3) This operator can also be used with other search operators to perform more specific searches of your 'To Do' notes. For example, if you wanted to see all of your undone To-Do items in your Tasks notebook, you could find those by issuing this search: notebook:Tasks todo:false. Or, just highlight your Task notebook and use this search: todo:false . 4) Use the Checkboxes with the Evernote [Note >"Copy Note Link"] and [Format > "Hyperlink ..."] features, and -->you have your Evernote To--Do List, Task Manager! David [*1] Using text copied from Evernote Help, with my annotations. (assumed OK with Phil and Stephan).
  3. Since, as roschler said, this is leading to a assisted keyboard input roundup review (and the best I have found); I'll take the liberty to ask: Q) Any thoughts on the use SlideIT & Swype apps vs smart phones w/ a slide--out keyboard, or a Blackberry? For typing text into EN, or Word, using a smart phone? I’m deciding whether to get a smart phone. Thanks.
  4. Thanks, stuball & everyone, for explaining my same problem so well! Font size in the EN Titles is too large so cannot read full title and rest of printed note font also too large. Printer is HP LaserJet 1020, Win7, Evernote 4.4.2. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Problem is very annoying & makes Evernote useless for any business needing printed communications; and hesitate to invest more in EN. Probably need to submit a question/ticket (whatever they call it) to Evernote.
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