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  1. I've been using 6.23 but got a new desktop and when downloading Evernote afresh, I ended up with 10.17.6. Where in the world is the equivalent of Tools > Options?
  2. Maybe I'm not phrasing this request correctly, but I would like to see support for more characters, especially on Windows. I am able to added en and em dashes on Windows by pressing and holding the Alt key and type 0150 or 0151 on the numeric keypad. However, this does not work for a non-breaking space, which is numeric keypad code 0160. I would also like to see this work on iPhone and Mac, but on iPhone I know of no standard method for this, and on a Mac, I'm sure this is possible but I'm a newbie and so I don't have a recommendation. This feature request is related to this one: .
  3. Especially on Windows, please support non-breaking spaces. Universally, Windows allows non-breaking spaces to be entered by pressing and hold the Alt key, and typing 0160 on the numeric keypad. At a minimum, this should be supported. Word supports entry of non-breaking spaces in a couple of ways: (1) pressing Ctrl-Shift-Space, or (2) typing and then selecting a0, and then pressing Alt-X. Supporting either (or both) of these would be nicer. It would be nice to have this on iPhone and Mac, but on iPhone I know of no standard method for this, and on a Mac, I'm sure this is possible but I'm a newbie and so I don't have a recommendation. The following discussion also talks about non-breaking spaces, but on Android: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/110788-no-support-for-non-breaking-spaces/?do=findComment&comment=488877.
  4. Scenario: In the Windows app, I'm in note "A" with a link to another note, note "B". In note "A", I've scrolled down five screens, which is where the link to note "B" is. I click on this link for note "B" and I'm taken to note "B". So far so good. I then hit Alt + Left Arrow to navigate back. This is a standard keyboard shortcut for browsers, and the good news is that I'm taken back to note "A". The bad news is that it takes me back to the top of note "A", instead of five screens down (which is where I was in note "A" before jumping to note "B"). Feature request: Navigating backwards—and forwards—should take you to the same location in a note, especially in the same "session". (This is how it does work in the iOS app.) Side note: I cannot find any documentation that says that Alt + Left Arrow and Alt + Left Arrow are supported keyboard shortcuts for navigate back and navigate forward, but they do work. I searched https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004807-Keyboard-shortcuts-in-Evernote-for-Windows. System info: Windows 7 Pro SP1 • Evernote (308626) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) Related to: By the way, a couple of newbie questions. I'm using Google Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) Where can I find help on creating posts? (I searched and searched and couldn't find help on the forum itself.) How do you add tags to a post? How do you reference another post? (I copied and pasted the URL, but is there a better way?)
  5. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, gazumped. I'll see about doing some more experiments and if things are still not working, then contact Evernote support at you suggested. (BTW, I am a paying subscriber, so I should be able to get the help I need.) Thanks again!
  6. I'm note sure if I should be posting this here, but.... I added six Word/OpenOffice documents to a note in Evernote. On my iPhone, when I open one the attachments, I get this: DIRECTIONS.docx Office Open XML word processing document 455 bytes I then hit the Send To icon. I tried opening it with my Microsoft Word app and Apple's Pages app, but in both cases, they indicated the file was bad. For example, Pages said "Document can't be imported. The file format is invalid". This also happens with another file. From Evernote when I open a second attachment, I get this. email acknowledgement.docx Microsoft Word 97-2004 document 23 bytes Again, I tried Send To the MS Word app and Pages app, but again I get errors (in the case of Pages, it simply said "Document can't be imported. An unknown error occurred". Now, here's the catcher. On my Mac, I can click on the attachment's Eye icon, and the same documents appear in an Evernote quick-view pop-up, no problem. I can then select Open with Pages, and the file appears in Pages, no problem. The fact that Evernote on macOS has no issuing opening these attachments but Evernote on iOS does, makes me think that the issue is with Evernote, not the attachments themselves. Any ideas?
  7. Dunedude, I'm having the exact same problem. I have a number list that is 15 entries long, and up to four levels of indenting. Copying and pasting messes up the number list, and I get that double number entry like you showed. 1. Item One. 2. Item Two. 1. Subitem One. 1. 1. Subitem Two. Something like the above. (I just recreated it from memory). To fix Evernote's bug, I have to go through the entire list, merge numbered items together by deleting the carriage return between them, and hit Enter to split them apart again .That works 90% of the time. Other times, I have to hit the Number formatting icon to try to remove the numbering formatting, and then merge and split entries. Another issue with number lists. I had a list all fixed up yesterday. Then today, I opened it up, and surprise! 70% of the level 1 items were changed to bullets!!! (The level 2-4 were still numbered.) This is getting real frustrating, and is going to make it impossible for me to use Evernote as a collaborative tool. I was just starting to try to use it for that, but if it is this bugging, it will be too frustrating for my colleagues. Numbered lists can't be copy and pasted, or preserved for one day? Really?
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