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  1. I installed on my overclocked Sprint Pre. Evernote launched normally. I put in my login info and it just sat there with the circle in the upper right corner. Eventually my phone went dark and I had to pull the battery to get it working again. My account is not too large. 79 notes only a few of which are pictures. The rest are either randomn notes or web pages.
  2. How about just putting the old version back into production. I raised this issue on Jan 8th. On Feb 2nd the problem was acknowledged with this post "We do have someone working on the WebOS version, but I don't have a date for when this problem will be fixed in a release." So far I still can't use the software on my phone. Pretty much this is keeping me from going to the paid version of Evernote.
  3. The previous version was working great. Afew days ago I saw that an update was available in the testing feed. I installed it and my phone locked up. I uninstalled and reinstalled with the same result. I now downloaded the version which has appeared in the regular app catalog and it kills my phone. I am on a Sprint Pre with webOS 1.4.5. My phone is also overclocked. I noticed a few other comments in the Palm app catalog complaining of similar issues.
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