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  1. I subscribed af few days ago. I'm still thinking about getting the premium version. While testing EN my use of EN can be described as "light". I want to use the Web version of EN but also the Mac and IOS version. These ar my findings after 3 days of use: The Mac version (10.5.7) does not display JGP and PDF files at all. It just shows there's a PDF file in my note but I can't see or edit is. Because almost all my notes are PDF or JPG files the Mac version actually doesn't show anything and is absolutely useless for me!! Embedded JPG or PDF show up as thumbnail in the listview.
  2. (v 10.5.7 build 458420 public MAC) I was preparing my Evernote setup in order to buy the premium version. Installed the Mac version. Two problems, the first problem is the empty notes (can't show PDF file). On IOS, Android and Web everything is fine (As a basic user I can use EN on two devices, for testing purposes i've switched devices see if this was a Mac only problem) Second problem is I have to login every time after EN is timed out or restarted. Thought this was solved!! This is not the way to start a paid subscription, so i'll have to wait until these problems are solved.
  3. After a few years as premium user I recently downgraded to the "basic" plan. One of the differences between 'basic' and 'plus/premium' is the option to forward e-mails into Evernote. Today I installed Spark as my main e-mail client on my iPhone 7. One of the features of Spark is Evernote integration....and it works. Having a 'basic' plan i had no trouble forwarding mail to Evernote. Bug? or am I a paying customer without knowing it?
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