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  1. This topic is close to my heart. At the moment Evernote seems to be divided between free and amazing value or expensive paid which may suit some professional or corporate users but is really too expensive for me. I'm about to be retired on a modest income doing a small amount of professional work, personal projects and quite a lot of travel away from networks. I believe in paying for software, I would be happy to pay a one-off or annual charge but I only want this one feature and can't justify the cost of the full package. A Lite or a la carte package could generate a lot of revenue for Evernote and it might even allow them to limit the free package. Incidentally a lot of US contributors to these discussions may be unaware how difficult it can be to stay online when crossing borders and urban users forget that some of the best places to spend time are off the networks. I spent a week this year camping and cycling in southwest Scotland and we hardly sniffed a phone network all week. When there was one it was very slow and unreliable.
  2. I'm about to retire not on a Banker's pension. I don't think I would spend UKP35 per year on Premium because it doesn't do enough for me. But I would pay something for the ability to have my notes offline on my Android phone or tablet. Mainly because I would use Evernote for all the documents and maps that I need when travelling outside my own country, maybe twice a year. I was quite surprised on a recent trip to find that my phone did not have all the pdf itineraries, tickets and meeting notes that I had put there. So how about it? Premium Lite with one or two features for UKP10? You might sell a lot of those to people who would never buy Premium. I'd be really pleased to pay you something for the great work you do. Otherwise I'll start using some other method to carry documents.
  3. It is frequently stated in these discussions that Evernote is NOT a todo organiser, and that is presented as an argument for not prioritising Due Dates or maybe not doing them at all. I'd like to make two comments: First, I don't really want to use Evernote as a todo list, I just want dates/future dates to be available among all the other tags. The real strength of Evernote for me is the ability to assign notes (which are far more than notes) to multiple sets through tagging so I see this as an enhancement of the tagging system, I could think of other enhancements like having an array of icons for some key tags. Secondly, all new technology products evolve partly through what users choose to do with them. SMS was not created as a consumer messaging product and if anybody had predicted that mobile phones would become a new kind of pager they would have had strange looks from most experts. The availability of the SMS service and consumers' interest in exploring what they could do with it created a kind of pager on steroids that has transformed our culture. So if Evernote becomes a new kind of todo list for the 21st Century, what's the problem? Actually I think it's far more than that but I still want those due dates. Meanwhile I'm having fun setting the future creation dates on old notes. best wishes from Sheffield, UK
  4. This seems to have been lying fallow for a few months but I thought I would give it a stir because it's probably the reason why I'm not using Evernote more at the moment. As a manager with a lot of activities and projects the ability to put a due date on notes and todo boxes would really make sense, it's not about having a todo list manager, I don't get much value from those anyway and I already use the MS Exchange one as it's our corporate standard. It's more to help organise priorities and associate several notes with a single date, so they come together when I need them. I used to have a wonderful program called Harlekin on the Atari ST which was almost everything I needed for day to day business, enabling a great variety of documents to be organised with any single document having multiple purposes. Evernote does a lot of what Harlekin did but the one thing that's missing is date setting. If it was either/or I'd go for attaching dates to a todo checkbox rather than a note, that way a note can be linked to several future events.
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