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  1. I would like to request the "New Note" button be restored to the title bar from its new position in the top-left.
  2. If it were a case like Alternote, which integrates with Evernote, I would have immediately started to use it. Sadly, it doesn't integrate with Evernote.
  3. If that be the case, then this app might be better suited for your needs: See Quiver -- Programmers Notebook App That is why I said Feature Request.
  4. Yes, I just saw that in another post. Thankfully such a service exists. Of course, it would be best if such features were integrated into Evernote for Mac.
  5. I would like to file a dedicated feature request for (GitHub-flavoured) Markdown support. Personally, the most important feature for me is saving snippets of code without having to manually apply a monospaced font every single time.
  6. Is everything gone? Notebooks and tags as well? In my case (which is not isolated), everything was there; only the contents of the notes would appear blank. When I manually downloaded and installed the latest version from the Evernote site, my notes appeared.
  7. I too would like this resolved as soon as possible. I use Skitch to annotate and elucidate on screenshots. Due to this min. dimensions issue, rectangles often encroach on and obscure other aspects.
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