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  1. Thanks for removing the tags from your shared notebook. I joined your notebook, but almost stopped because of the new evernote tag mess. Just wanted to say i appreciate it

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    2. spg SCOTT

      spg SCOTT


      By joining the notebook you are accepting the fact that there will be notes in your account, but there is a degree of separation and identification between the notebook and yours.

      The tags however are something that (while they may be implied) are not something that is included/accounted for with the notebook and so I don't think I should have them.

      This is a balance that having a shared notebook, which is aimed at helping other users, that I have to maintain - I...

    3. spg SCOTT

      spg SCOTT

      I want to help people, not mess up their EN lives :P

      That said, I like the concept, and perhaps there could be some improvement (how, I don't know) but I also think that notebook owners also need to think more about their content and how it is used. (like a website I guess)


      - I knew it would do that...I write too much...

    4. black.rhino


      I agree, there is potential there, perhaps letting joiners use their own tags on other notebooks, or possibly cross user tags in the future. I don't know the best solution either. All I can say is the current iteration is a little intrusive, as you put it. Thanks.

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