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  1. Hi Guys, Like many people, i have read rave reviews about Evernote and Fujitsu Scansnap, and since gotten both. The only problem i have is that i am not sure which format to use for which files, and why. For e.g. a common question i found is if i have many pages of handwritten notes, which format should i use - pdf or jpeg? I have since done my research and here's what i found out. I still have other questions which i need you guys to chip as well. Hopefully this will be the thread to refer to, in the future for newbies like me. This summary is based on assumption that you are a Premium Evernote user. - If my file is purely printed text (no handwritten notes or scribbles or images), use pdf to scan. If you are using Fujitsu Scansnap, check the "Convert to Searchable Pdf" option. - If my files have mostly printed text and some handwritten notes or scribbles, still use pdf to scan. From what i know, i think Evernote will OCR the pdf if you are a premium user, and your handwritten notes and scribbles will become searchable. Although i must add the time that this will happen varies. Some of my files took about 24 hours. -If my files are purely handwritten notes or scribbles, then whether you use pdf or jpeg depends on 1) whether you want the files to be grouped as one file or many files 2) how fast you want the files to become searchable. For 1), its pretty straight forward, if you want have many pages of handwritten notes but you want all of them to be one file, then you would want it to be in pdf format. If you have only one handwritten note, then you can choose either pdf or jpeg. For 2), from what i know, Jpeg files are made searchable much faster than pdf files. From my own experience, jpeg files are made searchable within 6 hours, while pdf files can take as long as 24 hours. Pls correct me if i am wrong here. So if i am right about the above, it means that if i have many pages of handwritten notes and 1) i want them to be one file and and 2) i don't mind the file being made searchable only after 24hours or longer, then i will use PDF. Am i right? Moderators or Dave pls enlighten me, Henry
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