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  1. Thanks for the reply. We need a normal fullscreen note view, like any modern browser. All the various vertical headers should be auto-hidden, like Firefox, in a fullscreen mode. But there is no fullscreen mode, and only the editing toolbar and status bars are hideable, manually and with F8, respectively. First, here are the five vertical elements on the desktop PC version, four of which you cannot hide. Only "E" is hideable via F8. Second, the web-based editing view in the browser's fullscreen mode with F11 is cleaner, but uses up just as much space. But don't
  2. Please add a fullscreen option for Evernote in Windows, similiar to any modern browser's F11 fullscreen option, or that in a writing program such as Scrivener: https://www.themotivationaleditor.com/scriveners-distraction-free-options/ . I've wanted this for years, and remain dissapointed it doesn't exist... Thank you...
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