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  1. Further to @JMichaelTX's comment, if your search term has spaces within it, ensure you put double quotes around it (but no space between the colon and the opening quote: intitle:"search term"
  2. Very good point! I forgot about this, but it is one of the key features of Android such that I find myself using my mobile devices more than my PC for this sort of content sharing.
  3. Keep doesn't really support much in the way of formatting, nor individual note export/import, so basic copy/paste seems like the most effective and probably only practical option available for transferring data in either direction.
  4. You should be able to see them - the nesting is represented as a slight indent.
  5. The benefits of cleaning up an installation through a reinstall are substantial, I think. However, if you do go the cloning path for expediency, some of the optimisations Windows makes for an SSD are for drive life, as @s2sailor suggested, but I believe there are other tweaks that make a difference. One is to disable prefetch and 'super' prefetch, because these are not required with an SSD. A quick search of the internet might be useful to track some of these down.
  6. Three years ago I added an SSD to a secondary laptop, an even then old HP Pavillion 9700. Performance difference was like night and day for all apps, but particularly EN. And still is today. My primary laptop has SSD as well. I don't think I will ever get another machine without SSD. FWIW. I'll second that. Made on old Pentium D machine running Windows 7 32-bit quite workable. Now processor-limited of course, but a 128 GB SSD for the OS and programs, coupled with a 500 GB conventional HDD for data makes for very fast boot and program load times. If you do switch, it's best to reinstall Windows, using setup to format your new SSD boot disk because then it will be optimised properly, since there are a number of fundamental Windows settings that differ between conventional and SSD drives.
  7. I think the odds are exactly zero since hard drives are not the cause of the problem. It is just one variable in the performance equation but one that some users can change and one that does make a noticeable difference. That said, an SSD should not be a requirement for adequate performance but once you reach a certain database size, it seems like it is. I can second this observation. My old Pentium D home PC with a two-year old SSD runs Evernote quite slickly, but my work laptop Core i7 runs into the 'not responding' state annoyingly regularly.
  8. I like internal links, too. Hold down [CTRL] when clicking on 'Copy Note Link...' to yield the traditional behaviour...
  9. Conflicting changes occur when you have edited the same note on two different clients between syncs. Evernote uses a hub and spoke synchronisation method, with the hub (EN server) being the master copy, updating with changes from each of the spokes (clients). If you edit a note on your Windows PC ('spoke') and tablet (another 'spoke'), for example, subsequent to a sync, the server sees two different versions and, rather than making an arbitrary decision about which note might be correct, puts one of them (I'm not sure which) into a 'conflicting changes' notebook. To resolve the issues, you need to find the duplicate note to the one in conflicting changes and decide which one is current, then re-sync. To avoid it happening again, always make sure the client you are working with is synced before making any edits and after making them. I often run into this problem with a PC and laptop running simultaneously!
  10. Thanks, Perryn. I've created an account in the sandbox. Will populate with some sample notes at some stage...
  11. Need a coffee...

  12. Are you using any sort of cookie control that might restrict cross-session data being set? Perhaps your browser is set to delete cookies upon exit?
  13. EN for Windows v4, EN for BlackBerry Torch 9800, EN for Android

  14. I'd like to give it a bash when it's ready, too!
  15. EN for Windows v4, EN for BlackBerry Torch 9800

  16. Here we have the Boxing Day sales, where the retailers try to get rid of all their unsold Christmas stock. Many people will be out at 5:00 am to get bargains, but I'm one of those who would do my best to be as far from the shopping centres (aka 'malls') as possible! The better strategy is to wait until early January when everyone's gone away on summer holidays and pick up what ever you need at nearly as good a price, but without the crush!
  17. EN for Windows v4.5.2.5517(196948), EN for BlackBerry Torch 9800 3.3.342(198517)

  18. I'm not sure there is a way to explicitly do this, but perhaps the 'Remove formatting' command ([CTRL]+[space]) from within a note might partially achieve your goal?
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